Monday, May 28, 2012

An Award and A Few Introductions

Yay! Here I get my fifth ever blog award, and its a Versatile Blogger Award which has come my way again! Blog awards always feel special, because through these gestures, people of your trade appreciate you, single you out to tell you what you are doing is good and worth celebrating. However, what makes this award a tad more special than the others is the person sending it my way- Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan. He is an author who bowled me over with a simple, and touching story he wrote about the love which binds and sustains a home, called Father Of My Son, published in Bright Lights (Urban Shots). It is primarily because of this story that I have gifted and recommended the whole anthology to several (now) thankful people. And it is the same author who conferred on me this priceless, green colored honor. Thanks Roshan! You are responsible for this huge smile on my face!

Before I rant on seven random things about myself, as is mandated with this award, I would like to introduce to my readers three new blogs, which are totally worthy of all the blog awards out there. However, I find myself too small to be honoring them. Diverse in their own spheres, each of the following blogs is a gem to follow, a treat to read.

Tharoorians For Change
I have made a mention of this blog earlier too (Read about here), but once again, I would like to exhort all of you to please pass a glance at the amazing, informative and enriching content this blog has to offer to its readers. Written under an responsible name, each article of this blog is an opinion expressed by people who might be policy experts of our country, even the world, tomorrow. That I am associated with it in a small way is only a matter of luck and pride. This blog is updated regularly and on topics encompassing various issues of local, national and international relevance. Do read what the change agents of tomorrow have to say.

Musing About The Muse
Even before this blog was conceived in the head of its author, I knew this was going to be a piece of sheer, bejeweled brilliance. The overtly simple layout (the kind which perhaps the peppy, jazzy element in me does not quite endorse) you will see on this blog asserts in plain terms that content is what rules here. Sukaran Thakur is one writer (and also a gifted photographer) I take pride in knowing personally, for he has a talent which won't stop till it evolves into something really big and luminous. Read this blog for basking in the pleasure of some warm, engaging, light, descriptive and beautiful stories.

The Thaumatologist
You also did not know this word? Me neither. Heck, the dictionary which runs a vigil over spelling mistakes on my blog did not. But then that is what you can expect from Sandeep Vasudevan, the author of this blog. He is a person I am positively smitten with, which he only knows too well. The glare of this man's brilliant is blinding, and so, I will stop at simply recommending this blog to worshipers of good language and quality content.

The above are three blogs I tag along with this post.

Now for seven random facts about me, I will steal a few ideas from Roshan, and add a few of my own.

1. Of late, I have begun hating books as gifts. I mean, they make for brilliant gifts, I know, but with respect to me, people have stopped thinking beyond gifting me books. And lack of thoughtfulness behind gifts is a big turn off, isn't it?
2. One of my biggest fears in life is that I would die before reading each book I have included in my wishlist. Trust my words, that list is really long, and updated almost daily.
3. Of late, I have started feeling that I am growing up. I hate the feeling.
4. I expect too much from people who are close to me, so just in case you are feeling like having me as a good, close friend, uh, take a second opinion.
5. Dharmesh Sir, from Dance India Dance Season 2, is perhaps the only reality tv star I am crazy about.
6. I am a proud Delhi Daredevil's supporter, and my favorite moment in this IPL season came on 19th April, 2012, when , during a match between Delhi and Deccan, at 1614 hours, my tweet was displayed among the top three tweets of the day! (You can follow me - @saumyakul)
7. I really think the three blogs mentioned above deserve at least a glance from all of you who are reading this post.

To end, flowers for all the lovely people reading this post! A little gay, right? Aaj ke liye chalta hai boss!


  1. Amused. I am gald to know you courtesy twitter and DD vs KKR game at Eden.
    And we travelled to a great level of understanding.
    Follow this girl on twitter ( @saumyakul ).

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  3. Hi Saumya,
    Keep Blogging.