Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From Within..

In some distant land,

A voice beckons.

A voice so pure,

A voice so tender,

Reflects good omens.

It flows towards me,

On a stream of air;

Carrying concern, carrying care;

Riding an invisible horse.

I feel I see it,

Behind my eyelids.

Filtering through the scene,

To fill my being,

With it’d soft murmurs;

I close my eyes,

It alights on my face,

Kisses my ears.

I smile.

I know it’s mine.

Doesn’t come from faraway.

Comes from within.

Comes from deep within.

Comes from Heart.

Gives lessons, speaks smart.

A pity, alas!

It is a voice,

We conveniently ignore,

Knowing we shouldn’t,

It’s humanity’s lore.

Our Hearts have become

Alien terrains to us;

Our brains rule,

Our feeling are shut!

We crave to conquer,

The world, not our soul;

In this conquest,

We become so hollow,

Our Heart’s voice,

We fail to follow.