Saturday, April 28, 2012

To Brothers

I was the first born girl on both, my paternal as well as maternal side. The family lore, understandably, narrates tales of how celebrated was my arrival in the family. On the maternal side, it is believed, I might have carried a blessing, because each single birth after my own welcomed a sweet little fairy into the family. This tradition continued for long, before being broken, again in favor of two little, insanely adorable cousin brothers.

I was the cuteness you all always tried to influence :P
Despite being incredibly fond of the mini plaything I got when my kid sister was born, I always felt envy towards those girls who had a brother, an elder brother to be precise- to love, fight with and feel protected under. Sisters can be best friends for more reasons than can be perceived on the surface, but I have always felt that a brother-sister bond is more special. It might be the grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side syndrome, but this is only an honest confession.

Being the eldest sister and the first born girl came with its set of advantages, but also lots of responsibilities, and expectations. I do not rue any of it. But again, a friend in an elder brother is what I have often hallucinated to be the perfect companion, support, guide, and encouragement. Why only a brother? Because I have felt comfortable around guys, having been brought up among them. And I was blessed with the best of cousins to fill in the void I felt within my own family. This post is to collectively thank them all. And brag a little about myself.

Each cousin brother of mine has been very,. very special. I've been lucky to have been pampered for years by them. Random tears, pecuniary support, crap talk, excitement sharing, planning and conspiring, protecting, preserving secrets, understanding from miles afar- I think God had his plans well in place when he gave me no real brother but a lot many more cousins who, today, are people to be proud of. I should be dedicating an individual post to each one of them, but for now, I will quickly mention them together.

Thank you Ayush and Manan bhaiya - You both are as good as real. Besides all the love, I will still keep asking you for recharges, books and other gifts. I mention you together, because I you both are infinitely and equally close to my heart.
Thank you Mayank, my first cousin with whom I somehow share the same relation from both sides of the family. We don't keep in touch, but I fondly remember the days when we would share everything.
Thank you Anjal bhaiya- It is nice to have a brother whose rectitude is an example to follow. You're the one who always looks out and gives me the morally and socially right advice, without judging me for my perhaps contrary actions.
Thank you Prateek bhaiya- the one elder brother I chose, and am incredibly proud of my choice. You watched over me as a little girl and I still feel that presence around me. 
And more recently, thank you Achint bhaiya- you're relatively new to my life but I almost treat you like one I have right over. Thanks for all the love.
Also, thank you Tapan- you don't fall in the elder category, but you've been a support. 

Why all so senti all of a sudden? Because of two beautiful testimonials I received to aid my Narcissism from two of the above mentioned people. In words and in gestures, I've been made to feel so special that getting overwhelmed is only natural.

To each brother out there who cares for his sister, cheers! You all do an incredible job of making your sisters feel they are the best gifts you've got. I know of a few who are hesitant put their affection on display, who speak less but mean a lot in their heart. Trust me, your sisters understand. The bond each brother and sister share is special and should be treated thus. To all those out there who love, God Bless. May the love only grow with each passing day.

The fun, the color, the smiles of childhood, All still so fresh!
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  1. :'( yes this is what happened to me after reading it. I can't describe how touching it is. If I say my feelings are same for the same reason.
    I must write ''To Sisters'' inspired by this.
    I can tell you how painful it is when you do not have any sister at your home. The beauty of the family is girl. I miss you my sis. You had to arrive but you did'nt. I know you are somewhere around.
    Standing Ovation to Saumya. :)

    1. It feels nice that such strong and personal feeling were evoked in you while reading this article. I do understand the depth of a sibling bond, and I feel you do a fine job of taking care of your younger brothers. God bless you and your family. Stay happy, stay good!

  2. Though you've crossed the deadline by some 18 hours but this is the most beautiful compensation. I wasn't expecting the above mention, it's a delight. Would like to thank Manan's family as because of them I know you.

    Where the post is concerned, its again a bonding between the two. The love, care, guidance, sharing, fights, discussions, secrets are all part of the same. I don't have an elder brother but an elder sister is no different.

    Again, a big thank you for the mention. Cheers

    1. You are so, I am forced to say this, sensitive. I mean, it is so sweet of you to remember thanking Ranu bhaiya's family. Trust me, it never occured to me, since I thought I made friends with you myself. But, you're sweet, really. Family-Friend- in you I get the best of both worlds!

  3. Beautiful post!

    Being an only child, I always miss the presence of a sibling. But my cousins have been so very important to me for the same reason. And I love them all to bits.

    1. Aah! So my thoughts echo within the walls of your heart. I love the concept of the Great Indian Family. The love comes pouring from all sides, we just have to be receptive.

  4. wow..
    Its so touching...havin no real sis, it has always been a pleasure of u being in my lyf..also gd 2 c tht u hv such wonderful feelins bt evry1...luv u sis.

    1. I love you too Ayush! And its just so easy to say this because this feeling is there in me each time I recall you to mind. Thanks, for making my childhood fun!

  5. hi saumya,sohail gives his regards.
    i read today's post avidly and word fitted into word like the links of a all flowed so expertly,and conjured such beautiful family rejoicings.
    then i went into the narcissism section of the blog and read a bit about u.some things about u,i don't know how to express besides that with glowing testimonials like these,and your own inspired ramblings,AAH!what a treat!!!
    i just feel a bit sad that i live in the uk and u live in india, and maybe i'll never even get to hear your voice.that i will only get to know u only as far as this blog goes.
    as u say in your musings about your cousins,i personally think that relations survive on people being in close proximity,whether its sister brother,mother son,wife husband and then back to mother son again.
    anyway,i tweeted u with a request.My first book of poetry in english, called 'IRREVERENT NATTER-A collection of poems from my 30s' is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on is a book for the kindle.i would consider it a signal honour,if u could take two minutes out and download it and read it.don't worry ,it only takes about hour to read once you r into it.And then do a review on amazon.the response to the book has been good but there's an eerie silence around it which i don't get a good feeling about.i want you to break that silence,so that the quiet,politically correct,equality-toting junta known as the uk,see somebody from india coming to save someone originally belonging to neighbouring pakistan...God bless and may u go in peace and happiness whatever path u choose

    1. Hi Sohail!
      It is wonderful the way you take out time and leave me with stories to cherish in the form of a single comment. I much appreciate and value it. Relationships, bonds, attachments- these are things I cannot live without. I like telling people that they are special to me, and this blog plays the role of becoming a medium for me to express myself as beautifully as I can.

      All your bright evaluations and wishes for my blog leave me happy!

      Unfortunately, I do not own kindle, hence I cannot download your book. Though, if you can send me an e-copy, and since its a short book, I can definitely read through and post my thoughts about it on the blog. If that sounds okay, please write to me at

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  7. i not i not soo happy to read this. I am not surprised at all, as i know how much love resides in you, for me and for everyone mentioned. But its a beautiful reiteration of how valued we are for each other. I am all nostalgic after reading this, with memories flashing in my mind, right from the childhood days, about this very special bonding with you. Simply speechless!
    lots of love

    1. In simple words, and publicly, I LOVE YOU bhaiya! You mean a lot to me, and you always will. Everything apni jagah, but family has its own unique special place forever in one's life. I'm lucky to have gotten friends like you well within my family.

      Hoping to see you in Delhi soon!

  8. Wow.. That is a great post.. Straight from the heart.. I know the feeling of not having an elder brother.. I have been through this but with times it fades.. I have an elder sis and we are very close, she is my best friend. I have a younger brother. Now that we are all grown ups, he behaves like an elder brother when needed..

    1. Aah, and here you share with me another dimension of close relationships. How easily we switch roles when needed. I think I am going to write one full post on it! Thanks Jyoti!

  9. hi saumya,
    thanx for ur kindly appreciation.
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