Here are some people who reinforce my vanity. The fact that all these are awesome people in themselves, the kind who define me and the world around me just makes their words very special. And credible too.

Cheistha Kochhar
Analyst at McKinsey
Founder President at PROSOCC
"Goddess, Friend, Inspiration, Positivity, The Last Resort, Sure-shot Palliative"

I have known Saumya for about 2 yrs now, and amongst the hundred I have known for longer periods, she's managed to be amongst my most respected friends! While one in a gazillion are in a position to inspire someone, she's the one who can possibly put them in that position. It's amazing to see how this woman has drawn inspiration from every particle around her, and imbibed those in herself. No wonder she's so close to perfection! Elegance, wit, intelligence, purity, sissy-ness ofcourse and uniqueness: that's Saumya!
Iski angrji gajjab hai bhaisaab!!! How can I forget that!!

Pallak Jagga
Deputy Country Representative at Commonwealth Youth Forum
"College sweetheart, Awesomest batchmate, My reason to turn gay, Sunshine"

Since the very first day we had a proper conversation with her, I have been SUPER impressed with her! I was impressed with everything that she was (and is)- her knowledge, her conversational skills, the way she carries herself and the air of modesty which surrounds her. Everything. That admiration has increased by a zillion over the last four years I have known her.

My respect for her is not just for those amazing qualities I witnessed in her the first day (when we were talking about Bangladesh history, I think, of which I practically knew nothing), but also for the beautiful person she is. I have never in my life met a person more selfless than her and to have her as a friend is a blessing. She is one of the most reliable people you will ever come across. I know that come what may, she will ALWAYS be there for me and for everyone she loves. Also, the way she loves and makes everyone feel loved is amazing. I have never seen anybody handle people and situations like her. Cool headedness is one thing we should all learn from her. And her blog is an absolute delight to visit. I am hoping she evolves into this really great writer, really soon.

Akshat Mittal
IT Engineer
"Friend, Conscience Keeper, Confidence Booster, Literary Consultant, Inexhaustible Spring of Knowledge"

There are certain traits in an individual that make people in their vicinity stand up and take notice. Such individuals are few and the said traits are a part of the aura that such  people have. More often than not such people have a strong will and are willing to go the extra mile to make things happen, to fight restrictions and cope up with hardships. The interesting corollary of this quality is that such people excel at whatever they take up, however grudgingly they may have taken it up.

Saumya is one such person whom I have had the pleasure of interacting with very closely. Her brilliance was hard to miss and yet when I try to recall how I came to be friends with her, I only remember the first time that I saw her and not her transition from being a mere acquaintance to one my closest friends. I have taken help from her on countless occasions, banking on her literary skills and the clarity of her though process. And much to my benefit, she has helped me each time in her full capacity.

I have the firm belief that every relationship of a person is a selfish act. It is for an individual to find happiness in being associated with a person, an organisation or an event. If a person derives no gain or happiness from the relationship the two parties drift away. It is, in my opinion, one of the reasons why Saumya has such a thriving social life. There is so much that one can learn from her, that people are naturally attracted to her. Add to that the fact that she strives to learn from everything around her because of which she reaches out to so many different people, and you get a formidable personality.

Manan Kulshreshtha
Elder brother, confidante, Source of Faith, Monetary Caretaker, General Caretaker, Coolest Cousin

I’ve never thought of myself as an articulate expressionist, and I think it would be very unfair if I write about this person and do not get it right. So I am going to make it like a letter for that’s one way I think I can express better.

So, Saumya,  you’re the angel I’ve been troubled (during childhood), loved, respected, appreciated and  even felt motivated by, so much so that you have become a permanent reason for me to be happy in life. I’ve seen you when you were a baby, and I’ve seen you grow up all these years- you haven’t lost the innocence, truthfulness, the joy in your eyes when you see someone your own. You create warmth in such simple ways around yourself. I would not be exaggerating if I said that you are nothing less than an idol for me, however elder I may be to you. You teach a lot of things unknowingly to me. You have been special to me ever since you were born, when I got my only sister then, and I could finally show off my incredibly cute sister to the world. I remember being bullied into a lot of your childhood games, enjoying the importance my sister gave me. Time went by, and I didn’t realise when you became this mature, confident, sensible girl, who was a discovery every time I met her. What really flatters me the most is that your presence is always so strongly felt by people, you just have a habit of making everyone so happy. You not only empathize with others’ pains but make them disappear by showing the lighter side of life. You once told me ‘You shouldn’t take life so seriously bhaiya’. Very often when I find myself surrounded by troubles, I reiterate that to myself.
Another inspiring quality you possess is taking your passions seriously. I have been in so many interesting conversations with you about music, when you would avidly go on speaking so much about its various nuances, and I would just be, well, surprised. Be it reading, or be it writing stuff with so much heart, I‘d only say that you try and live your passions.

I am glad we share a great rapport (despite my introvert and your outspoken attributes), and a subtle understanding of being there. I can bank on you anyday, anytime. You are so special.

Here’s one person who understands love and life, and I am truly blessed to have you, because you really make a difference to my life.

 Achint Mathur
Management Student
Fellow blogger, Recent Friend, Ardent Observer, Person With Opinions, Diligent and Inspiring, A Person I Love To Talk With

I haven’t witnessed any girl so far with tones of qualities- be it singing, dancing, writing poetries and of course blogging. The knowledge she has gives her a viewpoint and she has a view on almost everything.

It’s a treat to read her poems and blogs. It’s like she is letting the world to see things as she wants. Be it writing on love, marriage, bonding between couples, dreams, hopes, review on particular book, seasons; she is master in all when it comes to writing. Micro observer she is as she once stated and I believe it is true.

She is believer of god and hope which is gifted by him. The spark in her eyes spreads positivity all around, the words she speak holds you back, the knowledge she shares is worth remembering, the voice in which she sings is soothing to the ears and soul, the dance she performs is a bowing moment.

Seeing you growing and progressing at every level in every field is a proud feeling. God bless you always.