Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Night

It was a pleasant night.
About right.
Your passage through time,
Through me.
Through the gaping holes which
Were damn well sealed. 

It was a purple night.
'Nuf bright.
You held my wrist,
Gave past a twist,
Leaving me curled up within.
Are we, again, desirous of sin?

It was a quiet night.
No fight
Of fancy conflicts of charged minds,
Of love once lost,
Of kisses to find
The numb corners of untouched soul,
The empty colours which painted us whole. 

It was a sultry night,
But flight
Was granted to imagination fleeing fast
To a past left aghast.
For stories were real,
Both here and there.
Yet we dance
In the midst of nowhere.

It was a nasty night. 
Did bite
Into the scars of darkness healed.
The scars were kisses,
'Tis now revealed.
And life gets tough
Love is but a bluff.
Mine for me.
Yours for you.
Ours for us,
But coloured blue. 

Picture credits - Daakshi Kushwaha