Monday, March 24, 2014

If I Were To Have A Siamese Twin

With your smile
I travel a mile
Into the realm of magic
And golden dreams.
You shush and subdue
The nasty screams
Which burst my calm.
You hold my arm
And infuse strength
Across the length
Of my tiny world
Which now feels desolate
When you don't appear
And sit down near
My shivering being
And love me like
A current of affection
A caring stream.
A crystal heart
With radiant beams
You light my life
Give it direction.
In the depth of your eyes
I locate my reflection.
I feel less mad
Or a little more glad
For the madness I am.
You're the key
To an unwritten puzzle,
An angry exam
Which I confront
Using your pencil I hunt
Answers to irony
Arriving at junctures
That plain seem funny
But you make sense
Even in nonsense dense
And I get closer
To the idea of a bond
Fragile, pure, and fond.
I can write a story,
With no beginnings on ends
For that is how the strands
Of our beings entwine
Into a chaos of order.
You remain a wonder
Which I choose to adore
And not decode. 
The world knows you
In another skin
To my world of poetry
You're a Siamese twin!

I had written this poem on the occasion of the International Women's Day, and had wanted to dedicate it two the four awesome women in my life, and tell them that in ways different, and important, they mean so much to me. 

Cheistha - If you are wondering why am I up so late and writing this thing, stop wondering, and just see this as something really important to me, as something which had to be done at this very moment. I am random this way. And whenever this randomness increases, you're the one who scare me, because you are the one who has to keep me in check. Enough people admire you; allow me to be a tiny mention on that list, always. 
To just smile with you - works like elixir. 

Jyoti Di - There is not enough length of acquaintance that I could boast of, but there is something about you which is enormously assuring, despite the distances which have put us at two opposite sides of the globe. You are a glorious woman Jyoti di, an entire story in yourself, and I am glad for the way in which you unravel in front of me. I think you are among the very few people alive who can convey warmth through the simplest of words. I still wish you could make it to Delhi on my birthday. 
This is the picture of a promise. Which you kept. 

Aastha di - You are the greatest gift life has given me in a rather long time. To even try to sum you up in words is a gross injustice to this bond I have developed with you. You are a personification of much that I hold sacred in life - and I love you, with all my heart, and with all your eccentricities. I am here to stay, you try and stick around too, please?
I felt incredibly loved, pampered this day. 

Neha - I love you, okay? You're that darling pampering whom is a necessity for me in life to survive. The role that you play in my life, mind you, no one has, and no one can. The rich reserve of potential you carry, I hope it goes all the way to arrive at its most deserved juncture. You, my dear, are blessed - and it is only you who can make the most of your blessings. Stay close.
Nice and pink. Suits you, us.

I suddenly have too many women in my life. Something must be grossly wrong with me.