Sunday, July 21, 2013

Despair of Life

This, I can feel.
The dented love, eyes with steel
Parched lips, unable to speak
It will take sometime to heal

This, I admit
It ate you up, bit by bit
So long, so true, so pure, so mad
It now seems gross, a tad unfit.

I know, how you felt
Your smoky eyes, your skin velvet
The gentleness which you gently yearned
Your flaring nose when I’d forget.

I know you really tried
Held my arm despite the fright
First to notice signs of cracks
You pushed, you prayed night after night

Not you, I gave up first
I lowered myself to the settling dust
Purposeless, unhinged, unseen
Now consumed by love’s undying thirst

You see, I realized
Sans your presence, each moment despised
Searching love in darkened corners
Not my eyes, but my soul cried

I know, I made you sad
Pulled you down, drove you mad
With each fight your trust bled
You wondered, was it despair you wed.

But now, I am honest
I don’t seek the pain in your chest
I pain, I pine, I feel lost too
Can we overcome dejection’s tests?

You’re broken, and so am I
Let’s hold our hearts before they fly
Don’t you feel united in angst?
Won’t you, like me, without it, die?

Trust me, I will strive
To resuscitate, to make you alive
Through crazy fights and lonely nights
I learnt lessons powerful and concise
There can be no love as wise,
Nurtured without despair of life. 

Photo credits: Madhurjya Saikia, one of the finest photographers I have the fortune of knowing

The above poem was inspired by a friend, and his experiences with love. I have no idea where life will take him, but for now, he is hanging on. He is choosing to believe in love. He is waking up to the fact that essentially, love is all that there is. He is fighting for love - but the deal is, no one can win with love. One could only feel love after having lost everything to it, after having submitted to it. For this feeling and for him, I have the nicest wishes in my heart. 

May you all triumph in life
May you all lose to love. 


  1. Very touching.. loved it ! And to your friend - love is all around us, just keep your heart open :)

    1. Thanks Di!

      I was so sad when no comments came here for a day, and then you sweetly responded to my request, and left a beautiful reply.
      I will convey your best to my friend.

  2. Awesome poem Saumya di! Loved it.

    A small reply from my side:

    Hold on to the beauty of love,
    I have heard people say.
    But leap with faith and go ahead,
    coz love will find a way..

    1. You always make a good thing better.
      That is your speciality.
      With your love, smile and sweet gestures
      In yourself you form a splendid reality.

      Tujhe bolne ke liye words kam hain. Baaki tu sab jaanta hai.

  3. I love I love I love I love this poem!
    This is my favorite now (putting a thousand times for you to second spot). :D

    1. Really? This one is better than a Thousand Times Over?

      You know which one is my favourite? I love "Love's Song Is Love". I never get over that poem.

      And thanks bachche! Your comment is so nice, and it brightened me up :)

    2. Saumya di, for some moment while reading this poem I too had this feeling that this may just push 'Thousand times over' to the second spot. I had also framed a comment for the same. But as it ended, I loved it, but realized that I love my earlier love more. 'Thousand times over' is one poem I can and will keep for life.

    3. When you call it 'my earlier love', I almost stop and catch my breath. You know me, you know it would mean so much to me.

      You know why you are so nice? Because you push me to be nice, to find nicer ways of saying nice things. One day, I will dedicate an entire blog post to you, and chronicle the nice things we have said about each other.

  4. Replies
    1. *Stares at the laptop screen*

      *Thinks what to write back*


  5. The poem is excellent. The words seem more like a reflection than confession of/for 'your friend' :)

    1. Idea wahi tha. And it was fun trying to think like him, trying to give a good end to the story which is still going on.

      Thanks for this Cheistha!

  6. Thank you is all I can say :-) This is exceptionally sweet of you!
    Nothing could have expressed it better.

    I am only hoping, the feelings these words convey are not just in the poet's mind.

    1. You're being too nice to me for no reason.

      I am glad you liked it. Imagine, I have started getting inspired by you to write poetry! My life cannot get any worse. But your life can get better, and it will, God willing.

      Rest of the talking on phone :P

  7. We often intend to consume as much love as we can and before we realize get consumed by love itself, one way or the other.

    Loved the flow. The painting. All of it. This is impeccable!

    Keep writing. J.

    1. Thanks a lot :)

      Welcome to Nascent Emissions, and I hope you keep dropping by!

  8. Ah. This makes more sense now :-p

    1. It does? Haha!

      I hope you mean that in a good way.

  9. Superbly written.. Touching and beautiful :)

  10. When the need for the person you love becomes overwhelming, it is something within which is missing. Striving to make yourself whole instead of fixating on the object of your affection to provide respite is extremely difficult, but much more important. Love is the end result of inner peace. Angst and yearning are features of turmoil, which love can momentarily alleviate, but not solve. Anywhere close to the context of this lovely piece of literature?

    1. You know, honestly, I am a little lost in what you have written. But then, when I read this line - love is the end result of inner peace - I realise may be you and I are talking of the same thing. So yes, close in essence, if not in expression.