Friday, April 6, 2012

Guest Post 1 : Prelude

The day I got introduced to the concept of Guest Posts across blogs, and I did get introduced to the concept pretty late, I had resolved that the first person to write a Guest Post for me would be someone I respect and admire at a personal level. In not even a split second, two names flashed across my mind. In another fraction of a second, I had decided which one of the two I shall be approaching to do a guest post for me first. After playing around with a lot of skepticism and hesitance in my mind, given that the Guest Blogger I had planned on inviting is a superbusy and a supersocial person, I did finally ask him to write a post for Nascent Emissions in the midst of a casual Gmail chat, and, to my luck's delight, he agreed! Not instantly, but after toying around with the idea for a while. However, the good news was that he agreed! Now I had something really exciting to look forward to. After waiting for less than the length of time I had expected to wait willingly for him to write, today he sent in a revised and re-revised draft of a post which I shall be posting in just a little while here, on Nascent Emissions. But first up, let me just give a brief introduction to my first Guest Author.

Twishmay Shankar- I got introduced to him while he was still pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from the haloed Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. Today, some years later, I can safely say, I have been lucky to have known him, met him, heard him and learnt from him so much that I might not have come across otherwise. That he is an amazing person goes without saying, for it is nothing short of amazing people that I go gaga over. His picture, this one in particular, paints perfectly his personality- a personality ridden with enviable perfection. And that perfection is perfectly complimented with enviable humility.

Besides, his blog, My Life, The Universe and Everything, is a keen and curious reader's delectation. It has been mine. He usually writes on topics which I do not possess an academic flair in, and so, quite obviously, his articles inform as well as fascinate me. Too humble to ever agree to the finesse of penmanship he possesses, I have observed in him a vigor to better himself with each post he writes. Innumerable 'likes' and 'shares' follow his articles which reflect that this person knows his stuff, and knows it well.

However, to write for my blog, he and I, we were both keen that he step out of his comfort zone. And so, unlike the offensively smart and intelligent, and complex-bestowing stuff he write, we thought it fit that he write something which flows around the theme of my blog. Err, not that I know what exactly the theme of my blog is, but I know for sure, his kind of blogposts would seem to be a gross misfit here. So, exclusively for my blog (and a little less exclusively for his own), he has, I reckon for the first time, written a short story. Fiction. Love tale. Sigh. My kinda stuff! And that short story, I am very, very happy to be posting on my blog, just in a few hours.

I hope you all like it as much as I do, and to end this prelude to the first ever Guest Post on my now 4 year old blog, I am copy pasting this quote Twishmay recently shared on his facebook timeline.

"Never follow your dreams. Follow your effort. It’s not about what you can dream of. That’s easy. It’s about whether or not it’s important enough to you to do the work to be ready to be successful in that business" - Mark Cuban

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