Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dreamless In Delhi

Guess what? It rained today morning! Early morning. Seven-ish. That, by my standards is very, very early. What I am glad for is the fact that last night was not just dreamless, but sleepless. For that, I thank the heavens, or whoever, whatever power, if any, controls my thoughts, emotions and actions. It is not in an era now that I have woken up to greet the subtle hues of morning. I always wake up to loudness of sun in the afternoon. With respect to me, a fact which has firmly been established is that if I am to witness the cracking of dawn, right at the edge of horizon, I can only do it by keeping up all night. Not in my wildest thoughts can I wake up that early, never even for the fear of God can I wake up without looking and feeling like a zombie.

(Playing in the background...Pyar hua ikrar hua hai, pyar se phir kyun darta hai dil....)

I love such unexpected rains, however brief their tryst with us mortals waiting for them with parched hearts, especially in the merciless heat of rising summer. Rainy season depresses me; it dampens my spirits by not allowing that persistent cloud of  gray to subside and give way for some vibrancy to re-enter the world. My inspirations become subdued, my thoughts overshadow all my need to talk and act, and I wait rather impatiently for the picturesque autumn flavor to arrive. Rains in summers are, aah, just that, rains in summer. Respite. Rejuvenation. Bliss. Beauty. And what I enjoy about them most? What they leave after their sojourn. A cool, subtle, but firm breeze. The kind which is blowing in from my balcony to caress my cheeks right now. It reminds me of the first careful, yet eager kiss planted at the same place by someone. And who also led my heart to race, with palpitation loud enough to compete with thunder in terms of decibels.

The breeze-it makes my thoughts perch on its invisible stream and fly towards the most majestic memories.

(Song changed. The background is now serenaded by Ae ri pawan, dhoondhe kise tera man, chalte chalte)

There are days in life, when you would be too quick to conjecture that chaos is the order in the world. Mess prevails. Yet, in some short lived, rare and magical moments, which are very prone to being missed unless you are highly perceptive and sensitive, Providence does fit in beautifully elements of our surrounding to form a neat, breathtaking, mesmerizing picture. The random brush strokes cluster together to conjure the image of the most pretty floral garden you have ever seen. For me, right now, the elements which combine to bestow the same grandeur are-
Perfectly matched, moss-rich melody from the erstwhile times in the background.
Finish line of work coinciding with starting line of rains.
Just enough rain to uplift and not dampen.
Chirpiness of birds setting out on another day of flying to distant corners.
Memories of friends.
Lingering touch of love.
Space in mind.
A hot cup of lemon tea.
Hint of dizziness to add the glamour.

All this together, and a hopeless romantic like me feels weak in her knees. I could romanticize any and everything today. As it has happened, the sun has started peeking from behind the clouds. Slowly, it is marking its presence his kingdom which had momentarily been taken over by luscious clouds. For once, I do not dread its arrival, for when it will be on ascent, I shall be peacefully dreaming away of love, and castles, and flowers and melodies. I do however, feel happy for this little rendezvous with the very source of vitality on earth, the Sun, whose percolating rays are dancing on my arm as I type away on the keyboard. A happy heart is all I've got to greet everything with. I think that is a good thing.

So, Dreamless In Delhi? So far, yes. But with these lines echoing in my mind, I would not be for long.

 Ek akeli tu, meri saheli tu,
Jiska koi saathi naahi, uska kya jeevan?

I wish I could also talk to the breeze like in these lines and ask questions of unfulfilled love and share memories of titillating romance. But, I still have my dreams to visit.

This post is for all those who missed the magic of rains today morning. For all those also who met the rains, but missed the magic still. I will end by recollecting lines from a recent friend to lend definition to my hopeless romanticism.
Woh bade tajassus se poochh baithe mere gham ki wajah
Maine halki se muskurahat di aur kaha, muhabbat ki thi.

And finally, no one does justice to rains better than the brush of Leonid Afremov. Here is another gem from him, titled
Scent Of Rain


  1. The Raj-Nargis pic is so well placed with your beautifully written post Saumya!

    1. Thank you sir! Such a prompt feedback indeed has added to the bliss which I was already carrying with me :)

  2. I hav to say..the writer in you is making me very envious...cause the ease with which you write is really amazing...i wish i could write sum day like tht...:)

    1. Aww! That is the sweetest feedback I have gotten in a long time. Thank you so much! Keep reading :)

  3. speechless... so sweet and awesome post... yeah when it rains you are lost... imagine .. even me i wrote something in hindi... if time permits pls do visit my blog and read "rimjhim girti hai boonde"...

    big five for sooooo sweeeeeeet post making feel the rain drops all around and one gets lost.. like the last line of yours

    "maine halki si muskurahat di aur kaha...muhabbat ki thi... "

    1. Hey! Yes yes, sure. I would love ti visit your blog. Can you pass on the link to that poem. It has been long since I read a fresh poem in Hindi by someone. I shall be waiting for a response.
      And thank you for the compliments :)

  4. Beautiful post! I haven't enjoyed such a beautiful morning in years.. Once upon a time, I was an early riser. My greatest pleasure was tending my little terrace garden, watering the plants, feeling the cool breeze, watching the sky change it's shades from subtle blue to bright blues.. But that was a long time back.. The days I won't wake up even if you pay me 1000 bucks.. Thanks for such vivid description.. I can imagine it all

    1. It is always such pleasure to hear from you. I was sad since sometime, and had almost written you a mail asking why have you stopped visiting my blog. Evidently, you have not. Thanks for the kind words and also for sharing things close to you. Certain gifts nature gives us are so priceless! I feel happy you could connect with all I wrote.

  5. It is special for me in obvious terms. I hardly feel the magic of morning as my work life balance do not offer me that leberty.
    Reading this article mesmerized my college life when we used to roam around the hostel.
    It aint raining now in Delhi. But thunderstorms arrived. Why did you asked me to read this now? Delhi Daredevils match is going to be on halt for a moment.

    1. I wanted you to read it because you are the source of the sher I quoted at the end. It was imperative I acknowledge you. DD won the match. With the rains to temper down Delhi's blazing heat, there could not have been a better day to bring about this win.
      Keep reading! Keep writing!

  6. Yes, and the sher is indeed well decorated and placed at the end of your blog. Glad, I could be source of happiness. It was childs play for DD.
    Will write very soon. :)

    1. I do agree wholeheartedly with the Child's Play bit. Lets not get overconfident but. Hoping DD cliches the title :)

  7. The URL for this post has been my gmail status for almost three months now.... And it still is... because I am a hopeless romantic, and your writing gives me hope :)

    Thank you, because by writing this, you've strengthened my belief in dreams, in the magic that nature weaves around us and in love.

    Goes without saying, it is beautifully written, and it is one of those pieces that i re-read every now and then for the sheer hope and fuzzy warm feeling that it gives me :)

    1. Oh Sushruti! I owe you for reminding me this post. I read it all over again,and with rain still pouring over the window sill, re-enjoyed the feel. You have a way of making my blogs feel special to myself. No amount of gratitude will suffice for that.

      Just keep dropping by!