Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kill Her!

”The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, ‘It’s a girl’  ”– Shirley Chisholm

Almost all of us had earmarked an hour today morning to watch the eagerly looked forward to show on Star Plus- Satyamev Jayate. The perfectionist, Aamir Khan, had done the perfect job of creating enough curiosity and excitement around this show. This man, besides knowing the best tricks of the marketing department, knows one more thing- how never to disappoint his audience. Today was no different. Giving cynics their space, this show turned out to be a fresh, rejuvenating delight! For once, something on television was doing more than merely entertaining. Someone was here to educate us, stir us, talk to us, and to make us act.

Aamir Khan, for whatever his haloed status in filmdom be, left his star image back home. For this show, stars were the people coming forth to share their stories. The show kicked off with the first issue as Female Foeticide. And did they miss out on anything in their entire packaging of this issue? Did they miss out on any angle to give this issue a comprehensive treatment? No! Beginning with stories of struggle to stories of success, and culminating in actions planned for future- the first episode had me on the edge each moment. And also much of India I guess. May be that is why, a solid two hours after the show, 9 of the top 10 trending topics on twitter are related to Satyamev Jayate- #smj, #satyamevjayate, Aamir Khan, SMS Y to 5782711, swanand kirkire, DD National, Star Plus, Female Foeticide and may be a few more.

The masterstroke, as has been concurred by many, with this show was to air it on DD National. If the cause is to reach the masses, how can the still most widely watched television network be ignored. The stories today reached people about whom they were.

From delving into statistics, to hearing from superwomen like Amisha, Parveen and Mitu- foeticide was  discussed at length, but without any ridiculous melodrama. According to me, the high point of the show was where Aamir brought out a fact which very few of us know and understand. Foeticide does not exist as a persistent social evil in just the lower, rural or less educated classes. It is rampant among the higher echelons of modern metropolitan cities like Delhi. As a practice is began in Government hospitals to 'filter' out the population from girls. So, where as education is supposed to empower and instruct masses against these hideous crimes, we came to know of a family of doctors and academics who thought it fit to kick an underweight daughter down the stairs when the mother did not allow her to be killed in the womb. And this is only one story which came out. I know of at least twenty more, within my own family, which reek of gender disparity in grotesque odors.

He said it all, but one more thing I would like to reiterate here is the painful prick my heart felt when I saw video clips of a sting operation conducted by two firebrand journalists across Rajasthan on doctors who facilitated and encouraged annihilation of a life within the womb of a woman if it suited the interests of their pockets well. A WOMAN doctor could talk about taking out an underdeveloped, but a breathing girl from the womb of a woman, and SUGGESTING that she be BURIED somewhere since she could not merely be THROWN away. Such are the people who are thought to be messiahs of life. A campaign has been launched to urge Rajasthan government to set up a fast track court for prosecuting these ugly doctors who still are practicing without any action being taken against them. If you still have not, please sms Y to 5782711 to support the campaign.

Also, I do not think all the emotions I felt while watching the show would be vented out here till I do not recall the lyrics of a beautiful song which Swanand Kirkire and Ram Sampath (two of the most talented musicians in our country at present, firmly) presented to give an echoing end to a haunting first episode of Satyamev Jayate. Much beauty and much depth is enshrined in these few words. May be you will read in between the lines and understand what they seek to convey.

O Ri Chidaiya

O ri chidaiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angna mein phir aa ja re

Andhiyara hai ghana
Aur lahoo se sana
Kirnno ke tinke
Ambar se chunke
Angna mein phir aa ja re

Humne Tujhpe hazaaron sitam hain kiye
Humne tujhpe jahaan  bhar ke zulm kiya
Humne socha nahi tu jo ud jayegi
Yeh zameen tere bin sooni reh jayegi
Kiske dum pe sajega mera angna...

Tere pankhon mein saare sitaare jadoon
Teri choonar dhanak satrangi bunoo
Tere kaajal mein main kaali raina banoon
Teri mehendi mein main kachchi dhoop maloon
Tere naino saja doon naya sapna...

If you missed the show, please check out this link.


  1. I can only say. I know the importance of GIRL CHILD.
    Proud of you Saumya.

    1. I do know this comment is very genuine. Everyone should understand the importance of the issue taken up in today's episode.

  2. Excellent Rad ma'm. Appreciate your concern of the issue.Lekhni par aapki pakad acchi hai... But my view are little different...Without offending anyone,I would like to say.............
    Its the commerce behind the concept which drives it..Pure entertainment using emotional exploitation...Want to knw abt female foeticide ,want to knw abt serious issues?? Thy debate it on Loksabha TV every evening..Why didnt ppl watch it..I m just waiting to see its effect on masses..Same people will do same thing when they get up tomorrow morning.

    On social networking sites also people talking about the show not the issue.At least not on my timeline...And not many going to,cause "we,the middle class" is so narrow in vision,filled with greed and selfishness,they will just not do.
    They will support evry issu..Bt wont set thr foot bynd Delhi..Thy will go to Ramlila maidan and abuse politician cause its fashionable..But again next morning will give or take bribe depending on the situation..And then again will go to Ramlila Maidan and crib about every damn thing goin wrong in the society.
    I am reading P Sainath since last 8 years, did any one listen.Who did what when he wrote brilliant book "Everybody loves and Good drought" , even though it was a best seller.I can tell you no one did anything cause ut features 3 article on my own district Godda.

    They still prefer Delhi Times..Why they expect everything in the form of entertainment.

    Agreed, awareness is the first step.But will we ever take the next step.Reminds of a song by Bob Dylan.."Blowing in the Wind"

    Prob dosn't lie in the commercialization part..It is abt a serious issue presented in the form of entertainment...Issue becomes a cliche...

    Buddhi ki khujlahat badi ajib hoti hai,ye jo andar ka chor hai na,wo kuch karna chahta hai samaj ke liye,desh ke liye...Aur uss khujlahat ko shanti mil jati hai aise shows dekh kar..lagta hai kuch kar liya...Its like going green by planting money plant in ur bedroom...Green dikhta hai..Lekin mudde ke bhtka deta hai..Thoda arrogance la deta hai..Lagne lagta hai,bahut kuch kar diya show dekh kar..Desh Bhakti kar di....Had it been a trigger for smthin bigger,I would hv appreciated it...Bt sadly,its 1.30hrs of entertainment..Sm self condolences,sm appeasement ...And a little satisfection..

    Whn John Lenon sings "Peace" it leads into a movement because intent was to bring a movement and money came...Bt its like Suhel Seth talking abt Art,thinking he has immense contribution...

  3. Hey,I commented..Did u delete it??

    1. No! Why would I?
      But blogger has these persistent problems with commenting. Try commenting again!

  4. comment ws as big as the blog...I ws tellin why I am against these kind of shows....I m sad,really sad...

    1. I am sad too! It would have been nice to read your views.

  5. Well SAUMYA superb article written by you on your blog. please do teach me how to write in this awesome way?? How can I be presentable like you??? Nice one cheers ..!! 

    From the yesterday show SATYAMEV JAYETE, I want to share one of my incidence which was happened with me 2.5 years back at my native Dahod(Gujarat), it was a regular day for me, I was doing some work at my abode and abruptly my mom delegated some work so in the noon I went out for that work and went to the city area and I was just strolling towards the shop at that time, I had seen one dog in its mouth I had seen one of the annihilated baby I suppose that baby dead womb baby. That was the most pathetic scene I had ever seen, and then one of tribal man throw stone on that dog and then that dog run away from there. After that nothing happen there was a crowd and then people made some gossips and all that stuffs. So I and people over there were helpless what to do?? How to stop all these kind of rubbish things I mean there is no HUMANITY AT ALL????? How can anyone do this thing???They people did not dwell of GOD, society, their parents or they (whomsoever they may be) didn’t feel ashamed by doing this??
    Nevertheless by watching yesterday’s episode of SATYAMEV JAYATE masses of people who are culprits not everyone will realize that they are doing anti-social tasks. Any ways this right paves to educate the INDIA…
    At the end just wants to say that GOD BLESS ALL, and gives humanity to all those. Keep smiling and pervade the positive ways on this planet.

    1. You pasted your whole blog post here! Whoa!
      Thanks for your kind words. I have left a comment on your blog.

  6. who's at fault... we do discuss a lot and do shout the need.. but at the end what happens..??? there are many factors, from where to start?? its kinda cycle once a girl is born, first its a fault of women who allows such brutal happenings,.. then the society - mainly dowry system, its a fact that it will never change.. and this will continue... the biggest shame on humanity...

    nice read as usual... poetry was very touchy...

    1. You're kind with your appreciation and genuine with your outburst. I do not know if change will come, I only hope we remain honest to humanity and our soul.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I fail to understand which part of the show was unique? Are we not aware of position of women in the society or We are not aware of "Bhrun Hatya"(Female Foeticide). In fact for those who are interested Lok Sabha TV debate such issues every evening with far for seriousness, with out zooming every woman sitting in the crowd shed useless tears.

    Why we expect everything to be presented in the form of entertainment. I could not see it as anything but a commercial venture which plays with people's emotion to make money. We love to see different shorts of emotion in others,so we enjoy the emotional outburst shown in Bigg Boss and Emotional Attyachar, this program shows a different types of emotion hence the curiosity.

    Curiosity is about the show and the host, issue doesn't matter, most comment on social media was just showering praises on Mr. Aamir Khan , as if no one else is doing anything about it.

    As far as Aamir Khan is concerned, I remember him supporting Narmada Bachao Andolan,then he forgot. Then he supported this Jan Lokpal, he don't talk about it anymore cause movement lost steam. More recently before release of Dilli Belly(produced by AK),his Bhanja Mr.Imraan filed a PIL in Bombay High court to bring down minimum age of drinking in Mumbai(Maharastra) as if that the biggest problem Mumbaikars are facing. He was all over the place on every channel talking about it,saying I am very serious about the issue.Movie hit.Who cares now.This Gajani effect run in family.

    Buddhi ki khujlahat badi ajib hoti hai,ye jo andar ka chor hai na,wo kuch karna chahta hai samaj ke liye,desh ke liye...Aur uss khujlahat ko shanti mil jati hai aise shows dekh kar..lagta hai kuch kar liya...Its like going green by planting money plant in ur bedroom...Green dikhta hai...Lekin mudde ke bhtka deta hai..Thoda arrogance la deta hai..Lagne lagta hai,bahut kuch kar diya show dekh kar..Desh Bhakti kar di.Had it been a trigger for smthin bigger,I would hv appreciated it...Bt sadly,its 1.30hrs of entertainment..Sm self condolences,sm appeasement ...And a little satisfaction..

    When Bob Dylan sings "Blowing in the wind" it snowballs into a movement because intent was to bring a movement and money came along.But in this case,its like Suhel Seth talking about Art,thinking he has immense contribution.

    1. Phew. You do have opinions and pretty strong ones at that. Point noted and understood.
      Thanks for sharing your views! Keep dropping by :)

  9. The programme made me cry and the song touched as deeply. Had written a post on a similar topic "blessed the child the womb, just before that sunday. Hope u will visit

    1. Hey! Could you also share the link of your post here? I would love to read it!

  10. Just want to say one thing...Women is the greatest enemy of women...

    I hope u all understand....

    1. I not only understand, but relate to it too. Thanks for sharing your views.