Monday, May 21, 2012

The Girl Who Asked For Too Many Surprises

I wish this post were a short fiction about this little girl with mischievous gleam in her eyes and a soft, innocent smile on her face who went around asking people for gifts without specifying what she wants. But sadly enough, this post is not a story about that girl, unless a few people might think that that girl's description possibly applies to me. Does it? I don't know, but I have a queer feeling in the pit of my stomach which says that some people might agree to the above stated. Few of those some people might be the closest friends to me. Oh, and aptly enough, those are the people, and not the girl herself, who are the subject of this post.

An old wish fulfilled, due to my cousin's crazy affection for me. Thanks Tapan!
I sang, and danced, and shouted around since weeks before my birthday as to how excited I am for it. Few smiled, few scoffed, mostly people ignored. My birthdays in school days fell during holiday season and during college days fell in the exam season. In short, the timing of my birthday was a recipe for disaster for a girl who takes such keen interest in dates and looks to celebrate even the most insignificant among them. However, something special was in store for me this time around. Without waiting, like I usually did, for people to create that perfect birthday ambiance around me, I went ahead and did it on my own. I bought myself trinkets. I saved up to buy some grand gift for myself. I fooled around a lot. I allowed myself to have an impossible wishlist and secretly sneered when people thought what a perfect lampooning crackhead I am. I went out and risked things and people beyond my comfort zone. God knows what all I did in order to feel like an idiot, but a happy idiot this time around.

However, this birthday was different in many respects from the previous ones. It is not a facebook addict's typical line I steal when I say I had the best birthday ever. 'Tis true. Reasons galore, few I would like to share.

This was my first birthday where I got to see three whole cakes dedicated to me. Now that is HUGE by any standards I have set for myself in life. The cake season was on the wane in my life till it was revived this year by three very thoughtful sources-best being the one my family brought in for me.
Fruits and glaze and cream and chocolate- dad does know the best! 

A regular chocoholic, I had never quite eaten anything like this one. Oh wait, what was its name, again?
A third cake had manifested itself in front of my eyes via the people who have been a source of tremendous consistency in my life for past some years. Their presence was almost a certainty for my day, and I did revel in this lack of unpredictability. Despite having studied in a girls' college, I have had many boys as (almost) my college mates, and the ones I would specifically thank for embarrassing, but entertaining me on my birthday are- Mujeeb, Mittal, Diwakar, Namit, and Mudit. Pampered and cared for- among them I feel safe.

That one expression describes most of my expressions- but the people thanked above have much their own interpretations and sound and visual effects for the same.
An odd yet special little bond had happened to develop between my and a young student at an event I had once went as a judge-cum-chariperson to. A precocious ninth standard student sat among confident college goers and unleashed on them his intellect and oratorial skills with baffling ease. More than inside, my relationship with Anup grew outside the committee. In a very sweet gesture, from a person so far away from my immediate landscape of life, manifested itself in my inbox. Red and bright and warm. Needlessly said, I loved it!
Another surprise awaited me in my gmail inbox. It was a masterpiece of crazy creativity sent my way from a girl who has been a part of my heart ever since I can remember. Her artistry lent me, not smiles, but guffaws. In a gesture commensurate with hers, I would thank her by accepting her perceptions of me as reflected in this ingenious poster. Thanks Niyati Kochhar!
Two extremely endearing gifts came my way from the girl I call my Goddess, with whom the readers of my blog would only be too well aware. Cheistha Kochhar is one hell of a talented woman, the kind whose talents cannot be bundled together in a single category or genre. On demand, she got me a painting and a flower arrangement she herself assembled. Here is a glimpse of them both.

As weird as it might sound, but I have never gotten something which can lexically be described as a surprise on my birthday. This time, hence, I went around telling people to surprise me. For once, I am glad that the only girl I did not ask to surprise me took my words seriously. Cheistha brought together few of my dearest friends to create what would remain my favorite memory from all the recent events. As I was still absorbing the presence of Pallak Jagga (the sunshine, as friend better than the best) around me, I was greeted by two nonchalant figures waiting for me at a restaurant table, one of whom was supposedly sick and another out of town. Saurabh and Rohan were perhaps all I needed to make the celebrations not just complete, but special. From these two, a few things still remain due.

Two cups of coffee later, when I was finally returning home in the metro, thinking that the best is now over, a brawl broke out in the metro coach I was traveling in. A twisted middle aged men was hurling abuses in front of his daughter and wife over the occupation of a seat at an older and more decent couple. When I might have felt bitter and angry or scared, I felt happy for having witnessed a scene in which right and like-minded set of people came together to support the ones being humiliated by the abuse-spouting uncle. I smiled inwardly and decided to thank everyone, aside from those bold but polite people in the metro, who made sure I was happy on the day I most wanted to be.

Tarique and Sumit and Gopan- Thanks for all the pampering.
Cheistha- Thanks for just being yourself
Pallak- Your one smile is enough, but thanks for a long familiar hug.
Mudit and Diwakar- Thanks for getting me paintings in the perfect color.
Mittal and Namit- Thanks for creating an Awww Moment
Saurabh- Thanks for just coming. And the two cups of coffee.
Tapan- As I said, thanks for the crazy affection, a frame and a new friend.
Rohan- For smiles, and pleasantness, cheesiness and that refreshingly fresh tone of yours.
Manan Bhaiya- Thanks for the consistency in taking my wishes seriously.
And Mujeeb- Thanks, for too much to be simply put in words.

"Reach high,
For the stars lie hidden in your soul.
For every dream precedes a goal."
-Cheistha Kochhar


  1. It is really great to read your blog after a very (embarrassingly) long time!

    I must say your writing has definitely matured a lot since I last read.

    The line implying you feeling safe among us was defined by that pic in which you are surrounded by the 4 of us :)

    it was great to see the views-ticker ticking while i was reading.


    1. Do you have any idea how much happiness this comment has lent me? Its okay if you don't read my blog often Namit, I write embarrassingly long posts and and more than average frequency now. The appraisal, I like. I myself feel that after writing some 130+ posts, my writing has come a long way.

      I shall let you know when I write more stuff which i would like you to read.
      Thanks again!

  2. happy to be a micro particle of the dream came true celebrations of the special day of the girl who asked for too many surprises and got more than what she demanded.

    1. Yay! For the first time I have fond your comment funny and twisted and random, but very very sweet. Sweet se yaad aaya, two chocolates down, two to go. Thanks again; but beware if I develop diabetes after it all :)

  3. Glad that I could contribute(in whatever small way) to make this birthday a special one... Wish your all upcoming birthdays are better then your last one...Hope everyone have friends,family and fans like you.

    1. Friends, Family and Fans? Yeh achchha hai!
      Your Kaju ki Barfi was the first to make my birthday sweet, so you technically kickstarted the celebrations! Thanks!

    2. And here, on my blog, so that I do not forget in future, wish you a very happy birthday! God bless!

    3. Wishes of person like makes a any day a special day or any birthday a special birthday. So ThankU for wishing me. I feel honored :)

  4. I like that you have mentioned the Metro incident here as things that lit you up. Nicely written as always. Happy Birthday once again Saumya.


    1. Arre wah! Yeh bhi ek birthday surprise. You commented Mittal!

      Yours are words I listen to carefully and take seriously. They are accordingly valued. Thanks for being a part of my day.

      Be around, always!

  5. That is a beautiful beautiful sketch sweetheart :)
    A very happy birthday :)
    Your dad chose a marvel for you, that cake is an absolute delight to my eyes, I wonder what it tasted like :P

    1. It tasted like heaven, like perfect cakes are supposed to taste.
      And thanks for your sweet words! This was one birthday I won't forget.

  6. Tagged for a blogger award at

    1. Thank you so much Roshan! Thank you so so so much!

  7. You and I are in the same boat when it comes to the usually bad timings of our birthdays! But I'm glad to see you had a wonderful birthday :D

    I forgot to wish you even though I'd made a mental note to do so when I read your never ending birthday wish list on twitter. :$
    But happy birthday, and lots of good wishes to you!

    1. Wishes are good whenever they come. Thanks a lot for leaving a comment!

  8. so you had great birthday ever.. god bless and i wish that you have lavish & lofty life ahead like this only.. where love compassion with saturation of god blessings..!! :)

    1. Thank you so much for all your lovely wishes. Much gratitude!

  9. pleasure is mine..:)