Saturday, May 26, 2012

Drink With A Tzing!

Product Review- TZINGA Energy Drink

I am yet to understand in full the surprises and subtle benefits my blog can potentially send my way. While I was still trying to establish my reputation as a zealous reviewer of books, a request to review a new Energy Drink in the market caught me off guard. Happy am I to say that after being contacted in person by an enthusiastic representative from Hector Beverages, I availed this opportunity to taste and give my opinion on Tzinga- all three flavors of it.

Since I am reviewing a beverage for the first time, I feel like doing it in an organized form. Lets go step by step.

The Packaging
Quite a few times, I had seen black colored pouches of Tzinga on food kiosks while walking out of metro stations. They seemed smart, easy to carry and dispose, but I only never ventured near buying them thinking that they might be exorbitantly priced like other energy drinks across the market. That, of course, was a myth I carried, busted only recently. A thumbs up for the packaging- neat, easy, disposable, attractive- and helps save some costs too, am sure. 200 mL, the volume of pouches I received, is also a decent doze for energy drinks to be sold in. Also, the manufacturers claim this packaging is environment friendly- hence another bonus!

The Flavors
Tzinga comes in three flavors- Mango Strawberry, Tropical Trip and Lemon Mint. Besides containing caffeine, the staple of all energy drinks, this drink boasts of containing ginseng and guarana and a host of other natural ingredients. Where this drink scores heavily against its competitors is on the taste factor. Most energy drinks do not find favor with people whose taste buds play a hyperactive role in deciding what is to be injected in their system. Of the many energy drinks I have had, a certain blue colored, bottled drink I felt like throwing up because it tasted worse than the bitterest medicines I have consumed.

However, with Tzinga, the taste was a total win! A cousin I shared the drink with without telling her its name mistook it to be a fruit juice. Now, going flavor-wise,
Mango Strawberry- This was a relative disappointment. Tastes okay, a little bland but. With mango and strawberry mentioned as the key flavors, somehow, you expect a very lively combination of tastes to greet your tongue. Contrarily, a slight let down is what I felt this flavor to be.
Tropical Trip- This was the next I tasted, and it totally banished any disappointment I had with this product. Zesty is what I would call this flavor. It even leaves a nice aftertaste in your mouth.
Lemon Mint- Easily the best flavor in my opinion. The best, perhaps, to beat this cruel heat. It has the tangy element of lemon as well as the cooling taste of mint. Perfect combination for a perfectly refreshing drink for a hideously scorching afternoon.

The Kick
Well, that's what energy drinks are supposed to give you, right? I am a regular caffeine addict, surviving primarily on its most basic domestic manifestation-coffee; so I might just be incapable of gauging the kind of effect caffeine is to induce in humans. I have had 600 mL of Tzinga since the morning, and all I can say is, er, I just feel bright enough to type away happily.

The Price
The Indian middle class is obsessed with numbers. So when we are to review a product, the price tag at its back is nearly always the point at which we start. Amazing quality at exorbitant price is useless for us, average quality with cheap pricing is a boon. With Tzinga, you are getting awesome quality at an awesome price. Why I never ventured near the jazzy pouches of Tzinga displayed at food kiosks was because I assumed, wrongly of course, that they would be priced similar to other available energy drinks in the market. Not the case! 20 bucks is all you need to shell out to sip on these amazing drinks from an ambitious start-up.

If I were to give a rating, like I give to books, that would be 4.5/5.
Strongly recommended to everyone who does not have medical compulsions to avoid caffeine. Lemon Mint is going to be a staple for me now on.

(Product reviewed on request from Hector Beverages)
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My favorite among all three flavors!


  1. I had tried the Tropical one.. loved it.

  2. Great review!!! And will try out one soon!

  3. Hadn't tasted it till now, but your review will definitely try one out! :)
    ps. you must be super happy, you have yet another energy drink to keep u awake and going ;)

    1. OMG!
      Panvi, you commented?!
      I do not need any energy drink to make me happy and bright now. Yay!
      Plus, hoard few Red Bulls for me na! Please please!

  4. Two myth busted... Pricing and Taste.. And lemon-mint is anyways my favorite flavor.