Sunday, January 29, 2012


Protecting her?
Was that the plan?
To nourish, to cherish,
To save from the evil man?

The endless sky
"Dangerous to fly!”
Wide crystal water
"Fatal to enter!”
Inviting golden desert
"Treacherous mounds of dirt!”
Morbid confines of home
"Your haven, your zone!”

So, Protecting her
Was that the plan?
I'm sorry you failed
She’s at best – Jailed!

 "You thought I was protected
Cradled in sound slumber?
I was shushing my heart from dreaming
Beating it to sheen-less amber"


  1. wow simple and straight words from heart it seems.. is that HER you mentioned, is that a WOMEN or A WILD ANIMAL ?

  2. Too beautiful, hope not too late :)

    Many a times we don't pay attention to the smallest of gestures. Only when the time is gone do we regurgitate the residues of affection.

  3. @Deepak
    It is a woman's voice. The animal in the picture is only figurative. Not all sleeps are peaceful.

  4. @Destiny's Child
    Too late or not is what I am debating too. Anyway, the inspiration for this poem is a strong heart. I'm hoping and praying for the best.

  5. Despite being very short, simple and seemingly uncomplicated in language, this little piece is able to convey a concept to which even prose has not been able to do justice.

    To the point, and justifying its purpose, this poem is definitely thought provoking.

    and reading your previous comments, i realised this poem was about a woman, but i construed it in a completely different meaning.... for me, the 'her' is mother Earth. And the poem has a completely different meaning...

    The endless sky, dangerous to fly - all we have done with the endless sky is polluted it with airplane exhaust... so when people in olden days propagated the belief that the sky is to be worshipped, not violated, and it is dangerous... they did it becuase they could foresee what man would do if not restrained.

    Similarly, all lines explain to me how in ancient times, wise men tried to stop man from going ahead and violating that sacred water or desert, because they knew and could see the future we live in, where the Earth is far from protected.

    The last line:

    So, Protecting her
    Was that the plan?
    I'm sorry you failed
    She’s at best – Jailed!

    It means, that even though we tried to protect the earth, we have failed. Today, it is not the free and pure entity that it once used to be. The life on Earth is jailed by industrial chimneys and smoke.

    But reading it again from the point of view of a woman also made a lot of sense to me... So i guess it is a great poem, because the goodness of a poem lies in the fact that it lends itself to everyone's diverse interpretations. :)

  6. @Sushruti
    My my Sushruti! You have written an individual apt sized blogpost in this comment box here. Thank you so much.

    I do like the way you have interpreted, and it reflects truly the kind of thinker you are. I have my share of fun while I try to deduce multiple meanings out of abstract sounding poetry, but the underlining fact remains that our prejudices, predilections, convictions and even state of mind determine the light in which we choose to interpret a seemingly innocent piece of poetry. Same goes for you too.

    As for the appreciation, many thanks! I will definitely bloat up out of proportions under the influence of all this flattery you shower on me.

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