Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dewy Diamonds

Moist pearls tickle my toes
Smell of dew runs up my nose
Bare feet nudging at rich wet grass,
Droplets reflecting the sheen of stars
Eyelid touched by a rainy cue
My lips curve at the magic of dew.
The darkest hour enchants like a spell,
Dawn crawls in with a musty smell.
Morning bliss derived from that,
Nighttime's glow in the nature's lap. 


  1. Beautiful picture with lovely lines.

  2. Awesome lines...Refreshing as a dew...

  3. Nighttime's glow in the nature's lap..
    Happiness peeps in through a narrow gap..
    You look around through all this beauty..
    Feels like a feather has been added to your cap!! :D

  4. You painted a breath-taking image with your words. A short, simple and sweet poem. Loved it.

  5. And hey my dear sweet lovely friend,
    From this blog to another love I send,
    Apologies for being away for long,
    I loved the way you sung this DEWY SONG,
    And as a matter of fact I would like to say,
    I'm a fan of dew too, like ur way!;)<3

  6. @Seema
    Warm welcome! I think this is the first of your comments. Hope I will see some more coming from you :)

  7. @Saru, Deepak
    Thank you so much for your kind words. Never thought while writing it would come out this good.

  8. @Enigmatic Soul
    Welcome to Nascent Emissions. I am glad you liked the post. Thanks for letting me know, and for 'following'.

  9. @Kunal
    What to say of your creativity sir! You are a veteran as far as I can see. Your words add sheen to my composition. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  10. @Aakriti
    As I have posted on your blog, so I do here- Welcome back! Blogverse is dull without you being around.
    And, needless to say, I loved your poem! Its sweet, charming, and has a nice rhythm to it. Your words decorate the place where they spill. Me and my blog,both are lucky to have you with us!

  11. Nice font!

    One day a rose came and asked me "who am I?"
    I smiled and said, "you're mine and you're lovely"
    The rose folded its petals back and de-bloomed!
    I quickly ran to the mirror and found I'm ugly!

  12. @Archika
    Thanks for sharing your smile :)

  13. @Destiny's Child
    Nice font? Classic monotype corsiva :P
    And those lines are really nice. They go to my diary. Thanks for posting them here :)