Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beauty Lies In Distortions

The quote I have used as the title to this post I came across in one of the episodes of the musical travelogue- The Dewarists. It intrigued me, and stayed somewhere at the back of my mind. A day back, I used the same as the opening line for a Guest Post I had been invited to write by a blogger friend, Gopan. Guest Post- I had not quite known of this concept, till I came across a few blogs which encourage different writers to come together and air their views on a common portal. On my part, I felt ecstatic at the knowledge that a person who knew me only via my writings wanted a splash of my thoughts on his blog. I was given an absolute free hand to choose the subject of my article, only with the appendage that something on social issues would be slightly more appreciated.

I did not exactly pick a social issue, but something close enough. Like most of us, I too have had a tumultuous adolescence. Growing up had its beauties, but it also gifted me an alternate set of experiences which could baffle, obfuscate, frustrate, anger, depress, irritate, and cause a deluge of many more not-so-positive emotions to infect my brain. Transitioning into adulthood, looking back at the period which has left the most pronounced effects on my current and lifelong personality, I could discover a lot of thoughts inside me which I wanted to put to paper. I have always been a worshiper and admirer of the beauties which lie within subjectivities- and it has always beat me how people care not to appreciate or understand the innate subjectivity each human carries in his demeanour, emotions, psyche,  and (needless to say) in a combination of those three.

My reflections on adolescence as I had experienced it, primarily hinging on the lack of understanding which as adolescents we faced in our times, the impacts of it on our individual and collective psyche- combined with the pathos of the subjectivity which remains most consist in the Universe, waiting to be included, appreciated and not ridiculed, form the broad basis of my article, titled Understanding Them.

The wonderful blogger who invited me to contribute to his portal, quite aptly named My Open Voice, was gracious enough to post my article without any editing on his blog. His name is Gopan. A Kerala resident, soon to be flying to UK to pursue further studies, Gopan, as I found out later is, academically at least, a bright psychologist. I was initially skeptical to attempt a piece of writing which naively touches upon psycho-social contents for the perusal of a psychologist, but his balanced appreciation of the same has left me glad for having done it. I would be happy if my readers would visit the link specified below and give me their feedback, even if it contradicts my beliefs as projected in the article.

Understanding Them 


My Open Voice

Coupled with the happiness of having written my first guest post, was the mirth of having completed 100 followers on Nascent Emissions. Thanking each single one of you for all the support you gave, I would specially like to thank Nishant Jain, who, a little after midnight on 3rd January 2012 officially became my 100th follower. For information's sake, Nishant is a dear buddy from school, and had insisted that he be informed as soon as my blog completes 99 followers, so that with a little promptness, he could have the distinction (insignificant, I know) of being the 100th name to be associated with my Nascent Emissions. Graduating to triple figure followers base does feel amazing, and a cup of coffee is what I shall be treating myself with.




  1. Good post. I like your views on subjectivity. I invite you to read my post on Objectivity and subjectivity

  2. I read this post on Open Voice...and have already left a comment there...Just in is what I wrote...

    'Thank You Saumya for sharing this and Thank you 'My Open Voice' for posting this.

    It is natural, or should I say, instinctive to go where someone says not to, to see something when told not to. Curiosity is what makes us do things and see things and venturing out into uncharted territories...

    Not all of them are healthy or advisable, but trying to understand the reason behind them and being open to discuss it would go a long way in the progress of the adolescents.

    Thank You again..'

    P.S - I also read your Fledgling Affection. Whether the world is going to on end. I don't know. But, I like to believe, it isn't. But, as I said, it just gives us a moment to think and opportunity to do what we think are worth doing...

    Best Wishes on this.. :-)

  3. I saw the post, n have to say, you have kept it really raw, which is something i really like...:) n i truly agree with this line of urs "The world is evolving, whether you like it or not" surely is and i look at it as a good sign..keep up the good work...:)

  4. @Destiny's Child
    Thanks! I will read it asap.

  5. @Kunal
    I read your comment, and so glad was I to have someone agree to suppressed thoughts of a scared mind reluctant to voice out. I left you a reply, mostly gratitude, there, and am thanking you here as well.
    Hope you keep dropping by :)

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  7. @Varghese
    After exchanging some mails with you, I had expected I would get regular feedback from you on my posts. But after a long time I got one, and I am glad I got it on a post which is really close to my heart. Thank you!

  8. Interesting. Please feel free to check out my post on distortions at

    The guest blogging is brand new to me also. I had never heard of it until your post here.