Wednesday, March 9, 2016


My thoughts meander
In first person
Through geometric patterns
Woven with dreamy glow

I am the centre of the culvert
Which bends towards you
And then disappears behind
A foliage
Of ugliest brown
Vintage solitude.

I am the incline
Of the scale
Which refuses to measure
Your lengths
In my breadths
And the hypotenuse of
Long dead human concern
Longer than the sum
Of your lengths in my breadths.

I am the radius
Of the ellipses
Which dot the ends
And enjambments
In all sentences
I create and destroy
Within the haven of
Illuminated text boxes.

I am the angle
Between my desire
And your swollen ego
Acutely aware of the
Obtuse notions
You straightened in your head
At quarter past nine
Over an empty flute of wine.

I am the point at which
Reality blurs
Into forcibly conjured dreams.
Nightmares of your departure
Touched by the feathers
Of my dreamcatcher.

You left.
Nightmares left.
I am the circumference
Around the dreamcatcher
Swaying without a centre


  1. Lovely. You know na that you inspire me a lot?

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  3. Dii This poem did something different to me. Swayed,Each and every word tingled the nerve cells.

  4. Another amazing piece of art! Beautiful!! <3