Thursday, February 26, 2015

Becoming A Rebel - In Verse!

There is a lot happening in life right now. I say this to nearly everyone I meet or talk to. Which I rare these days. Meeting and talking to people at length and peace is something I am scarce able to enjoy - but it is all worth it at the end!

My life has given me many gifts, with costs, of course, but pretty gifts nevertheless. The best gifts, I maintain, are the real moments which people spend on you, share with you, shower on you. That, I have not been able to accomplish. The rest, yes.

Among the super interesting things I am working on right now is a book of poetry, called Lyrical Rebellions, the conceptualization of which I have been involved in since the word go.

Our mind hides a million mutinies, each grappling with an emotion or circumstance unique to a person. To give words to these subdued feelings is not simple, yet poetry attempts to reveal and heal these very conflicts. Lyrical Rebellions is an effort to bright together the choicest of expressions which hide a raw understanding and expectation of life.

This theme, when presented to able and talented young poets, baffled them. Honestly, I was pleased. The first part of creating something new and unique is to shake people out of their comfort zone. Our Editorial Board then issued this explanation for Lyrical Rebellions.

When we say 'Lyrical Rebellions' we are not giving you a topic, we are giving you a premise. We are asking you to initiate a thought rebellion, but we are not specifying who you should rebel against. We're not even close to attempting to title your poem - we're merely asking you to interpret. We're asking you to be beautiful while being cynical.

That said, meet my wonderful team. Each one mentioned on the yellow landscape below is playing an indispensable part in making this literary endeavour see the light of the day. 

And then, there is a very happy-me! It is a privilege to be reading stuff like I am getting to read by the virtue of being the facilitator of this process of finding very expressive rebels in the world around us.

Send us your poems soon at
If you cannot send in your poems, just send us your good wishes (and pre-orders for the book!)

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