Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hum Aapki Kyun Karein? - Guest post by Neelkamal Pandey

Hum aapki kyun karein?
Aapne humein paida kiya, toh kya?
Aapne kiya, hum hue! 
Hum humaari sehmati se toh nahi hue.

Hum aapki kyun karein?
Aapne humara laalan paalan kiya, toh kya?
Aapne kiya, humne liya!
Humein karke zimmedaar toh aap hue.
Hum humaari sehmati se toh nahi hue.

Hum aapki kyun karein?
Kehte ho bahut suvidhaayein di hain, toh kya?
Aapne di, humne li. 
Arre suvidhaayein thi tabhi toh di na. 
Ismein hum kahaan kasurvaar hue?
Hum humaari sehmati se toh nahi hue.

Hum aapki kaahe karein?
Doosre se tulna kyun karte ho?
Har race mein kyun bhagwana chahte ho?
Aur usmein bhi awwal number lavana chahte ho.
Ghode toh hum hain nahi, 
Kiya toh aapne manush hi hai. 
Aur who manush aaj niraash hai.

Tulna karna, race bhagwana hi hai
Toh bhai ghoda paalo na.
Manush par kaahe apna daav laga rahe ho?
Woh toh khud sansaarik jue mein vyast hai.
Us se kyun aas laga baithe ho?

Dekho, tulna karna band karo.
Ghadi, ghadi shikaayatein band karo.
Aapne kiya, ab hum ho gaye hain. 
Apne pairon par – ladkhada hi sahi – 
Par khade ho gaye hain.
Hum ab jad-buddhi nahi hue.
Hum humaari sehmati se toh nahi hue.

Vishwaas rakho, who bhi dridh.
Karenge hum kuchh adbhut, yeh kar liya hai pran. 
Parajay sweekar karenge nahi
Jeevan ki aapa-dhaapi mein ghoomenge nahi
Karenge, nishchit karenge
Vilamb hoga, samay lagega, nishchit woh bhi
Ban-na hai peepal ka ped,
Jhaad patte nahi.

Apne diye hue sanskaaron par vishwaas rakho
Thoda hi sahi, par dil ke paas rakho
Sanskaaron ke diye se bahut se aeb jalaane hain.
Atah sansaar ko apna loha manwana hai.
Aur phir,
Phir aapse wahi prashn poochhna hai.
Ki kyun kare hum aapki? 
Aaj tak nahi hare jeevan ke jue
Hum humaari sehmati se toh nahi hue. 

- Neelkamal Pandey

The poet

About the poet - Kamal, as he is known to me, is one very unique and talented kid. I have not known him for long, but in that brief period, I have seen him grow and mature - in manners difficult to put in words. He has overcome inhibitions - and the above poem is one big and priceless example of the same. Even though it begins with a strong statement, lets all understand, this poem seeks not to disrespect or subvert any established notions  - it merely is a plea, which reveals the heart which many of us felt heavy with while growing up. It is an expression, to let out that which is stifling and restricting. It is a request, a sensitive one, to be trusted for one's abilities. It is that which  most of us can relate with.

This kid is a beautiful addition to my life - and discovering him, and knowing about him has been a process I have enjoyed a lot. Among his many facets now known to me, another is that he is a prolific painter along with being a poet. Below is a painting he made as a dedication to Nirbhaya - the braveheart whose imprint will remain on our collective psyches. I only wish Kamal keeps exploring himself and the world around him, and is able to arrive at a destination which does justice to his talents. 

Ode to Nirbhaya by Neelkamal Pandey


  1. Kudos to the poet and to the author!! Both are prolific artists and wonderful people to know :-)

    Cheers!! God bless!!

  2. To the poet:-
    'Hum humaari sehmati se toh nahi hue'
    Question is authentic and justified,but keep it up to you and don't ever ask to the relevant.After doing so will regret for the whole life for asking it, especially while holding a baby to your chest,your own flesh and blood.Almighty's algorithm never asks a consent.Few minutes back pigeon shits on my car bonnet without asking me.Besides you are a good writer.Keep this fire and fumes charged.

    1. Sir, thank you for the appreciation in last lines.

      As for the poem sir let me make it that the poem is not to offend any parent. Its a situation i found myself in and came up with it. So dont get judgmental and talk about Almighty's algorithm and pigeon's shit. I know how much of hard work and patience my parent have invested in me and no one, i say no one not even my can belittle that. THAT stands for itself.
      The poem is just an expression of the situation i find myself in and the questions to which i cannot find the answer. There's a famous line from GLADIATOR "your fault as a son is my failure as a father" its a line pertinent enough to be discussed.

    2. Thanks Kamal for correcting me. Poem is a poem, and most of times its content has nothing to do in real with its writer, as I believe and mentioned elsewhere on this blog.I hardly ever become judgmental to such things.I just wanted showing more respect to situations which are not directly under our control,''being born' in this case.I am familiar with frustration and the pain produced afterwards,because I had questioned similar to my late father once in my moronic stage.Nothing more to say.I like your writing,I repeat.

    3. I know you mean well Sir. Thank you so much. :D