Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Pickwick Journey - A Prelude

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. - Vince Lombardi

Switching from one environment to another, one institution to another, is never a cake-walk. It might leave you dismal or excited, but there are always new things and situations one must understand, accept and adapt to. The path which led me to Jamia was smooth, clean and free of surprises, but upon setting foot inside the gate, a perturbing ambivalence greeted me. There was something inside me which was happy, but something inside me which kept shutting my heart. The effort to meet new people, make new friends, start over again seemed mammoth. It was an effort I was not willing to undertake, at any costs. 

And then came surprises. One could call them shocks, but looking back at the strokes of Providence, I understand they all were nothing but unexpected curves in what I had assumed would be a straight road. These curves led me to the blissful, cosy comfort I reside in today. And today, I am happy. I am overwhelmed with simple happiness, the kind which makes you feel blessed, loved and wanted. 

A literary carnival in my department, called The Pickwick Fest, was the turning point. However, this post is not to recount the triumphs and travails of organizing my department's first literary festival. This post is to acknowledge the numerous faces, which seemed and acted recusant at first, but became my greatest confidantes later. The process which brings hearts closer must sure be an interesting one. I do not want to visit its nuances, but by reminiscing on the festival days, I do want to walk that path all over again - the path which gifted me such great people, such pious bonds. 

Retracing my steps, I see many smiling faces standing at various curves. I want to touch them, and tell them, that no matter what happens tomorrow, today, you all are special to me. A caveat about me being an ultra-cheesy, ultra-mushy and ultra-sensitive person might seem out of place to you, but read beyond my words, and you will know. In the words that seem visible, I want to capture this amazing feeling which is lingering around my heart. I am afraid I will lose it if I do not give it a voice. And so, here I begin...

(To be continued) 

Some frames which fit in at this juncture -
They gave me that place, and that love. 

This remains my favorite poster from a plethora which were created for the fest
The first step up towards creating memories
Till my opinion will be sought, this will remain the best picture of our department.
Photographs, courtesy, Belal Khalique and Aaqib Raza Khan


  1. What can I say? Blessed is your writing skill.
    You have a mature thought process and delightful flair for language, Saumya! And together, they make a heady, nay, head stopping mix! Keep writing and doing things that you so love. lots of wishes and love for you. always.

    1. Nayema Di!
      Aap meri life mein itni der se kyun aaye? Oh ho! I would not write anything more here. The best of my thoughts preserved for the next post.
      For now, I love you. Bohot sara!

  2. alright!
    It is a senti post!
    u r such a good writer! 4 salute!

  3. ohhho great snaps saumya sis.. unlukcy am i that i am restricted to twitter world only nice pals you have keep smiling keep enoing with them...:)