Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dear Delegates

Today happens to begin what must be one of the most eagerly looked forward to conferences of the year 2012 in the Delhi college circuit. Delhi Technological University is organizing DeltechMun'12 over the next two days where delegates from pan Delhi colleges will congregate to discuss issues encompassing Human Rights, Global Security Concerns, Financial Stability, Climate Change, inter alia. Though not a regular MUN person, I do have my fair bit of experience now spanning more than 6 years in this genre of debating. As I write this, I do feel excited and happy that in some hours, I will be Chairing a non-MUN committee at Deltech, one which I simulated in my own college (JMC) without any precedents to look up to. The Model G20 Summit. Being an economics student, a committee which simulates the debates between Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors of 20 significant economies of the world on core financial and policy coordination issues, G20 seemed like the ideal platform to extrapolate arguments contained in text books and ET to a conference where we talk like world leaders making important decisions. The responsibility associated with researching and understanding is manifold when we prepare for such conferences, and it is this academic bent which appeals to me- not the flamboyant oratory or chic ensemble on display.

Today, when we assemble for the two day G20 Summit we are looking to simulate, two agendas of immense contemporary and future relevance would be put to debate. These are-
1. Coordinating economic policies and reducing global macroeconomic imbalance
2. Need for a global strategy to reduce carbon emissions and its growth implications.

As the Chair, these are the words which have been conveyed to my committee members, who I am hoping bear these in mind and end the two days of informed debating on a successful note (devoid of filibustering and neck-grabbing tendencies)

Dear Delegates

What we are entering today is an era unlike any seen earlier in terms of doubts, uncertainties and magnitude of issues which plague us as a global community. In matters financial and otherwise, it is truly quoted that the only prediction that will hold true is that no prediction will hold true. The meeting of G-20 nations has thus been convened in February 2012 within the precincts of Delhi Technological University to see if we may locate ways of mitigating uncertainties in matters of global financial stability and sustainability as we pursue growth objectives with a mad zeal.

It is only after the 2008 Washington Summit that G-20 was able to establish its credibility as an effective forum for promoting cohesion for a salubrious financial climate throughout the world and to debate issues which transcend the concerns of any one organization. Stepping into the shoes of Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors, as delegates, we are expecting you to take on two issues that the most erudite experts in the world have failed to arrive at a consensus on. The threats of a worldwide recession unprecedented in scale are looming large over our collective psyche and the skeptics are already out in the open conjecturing if the world will end in fire or ice given the hypocritical attention global warming concerns are receiving. Both these topics shall hopefully be debated with a professional, solution oriented, in depth analysis by the enthusiastic delegates who will constitute my committee.

As for myself, I am a Economics Honors graduate from Delhi University, aspiring to become a proactive, change inducing bureaucrat in near future. With my academic areas of interest encompassing the issues we have put forward for debating, I shall be serving as your Chair along with Sakshi from DTU as the Director. Together, we shall be hoping to provide you with an experience which enriches and entertains.

Being a part of Deltech MUN 2012 is as much a matter of pride for me as if for all of you. Congratulations on being short listed for my committee. Feel free to touch base for any query.

Looking forward to an amazing session.

Saumya Kulshreshtha


  1. Hey Chair. Just to tell you, you're the sweetest person I've met in recent times. Not to forget, helpful too. I'm not buttering and all, but yeah, you're good. :)

    I loved every bit of the first day of the committee, looking forward to an even better second day.

    Cheers. The 10th grader delegate of your committee.

    - Prashant.

  2. Wonderful...I hope it went well. :)

  3. @Prashant
    This means a lot Prashant. Your appreciation shall have its own special place for me. What I think of you and your delegate, I shall hopefully describe it in front of the committee tomorrow. Thank you so much! It was unexpected, and my face is glowing with a bright smile right now. Hoping to have your cooperation, as of the other committee members for an awesome session tomorrow.
    Love and luck!

  4. @Phatichar
    Oh, it was awesome! Friendly delegates and an informed, well directioned debate. Blissful! One more day of fun and learning looked forward to.