Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Montage Of Memories

What is the time of the year that as a college student you most look forward to? Definitely not the exams and assessments. It is, indubitably, the time your whole college is drowned under a spirit of celebration- your annual college festival which is not just a time to have fun, but also to work your asses off and proudly show off your college to the whole world out there.

I'll add one more thing to the above generalization. Not just for the incumbent college students, but also for the nascent alumni, the most looked forward to occasion is not the Convocation or the Reunions, but again, the college festival. I say this from personal experience. Reunions are good in their place, but they do not recreate the fervor and frolic associated with college life. Festivals certainly do. With a bunch of old friends, heading down to your own college with a cup full of memories in your hand and a sparkle of expectations in your eyes is an exercise many of us would like to undertake to revel once again in that relaxed, carefree air. My lips widen in a huge smile as I recall to mind that a similar trip I shall be undertaking towards to my college just about a fortnight hence. It is that time of the year again. It is MONTAGE time again!

Splashed all across my twitter timeline and facebook wall are updates and more updates about this year's edition of Jesus and Mary College's Annual Festival- Montage'12. It is heartwarming to see juniors take the oars in their hands and row towards the D-Day with such skill and innovation. With each successive edition, we at JMC have gone a notch higher in terms of the quality and enthusiasm with which we decorate the fest. More spunk has consistently been added. More shimmer sprinkled. More care observed in organization. More efficiency achieved. More events conducted. More participants attracted. More fame gained. And if I am to go by the words of the college president, Kanika Chaturvedi, this year, Montage promises to be nothing less than EPIC. Dear Kanika, make it an advanced version of epic. I know it lies in you and your team to do that!

The team. Aah. Now they are an enviable lot. A bunch of young, smart girls, who put the most passionate sections of their heart and the most creative sections of their brain into making certain that the fest is pulled off with uncomplicated meticulousness and stylish grace. One of the many new things they have tried this year is reaching out to people via an interesting blog. Oh, they have made some awesome teaser videos too, but since I am a blogging person, I am glad that my lonely, nightime occupation is being taken seriously by some cute damsels. They are churning out some cool posts with a candour and lightheartedness I wish God blessed all of us with. The feel you get while reading all those posts just makes the air around the road leading to the fest all the more energized. The countdown has begun.

Hit the fb page, or the Montage official website, but what I will strongly recommend is that stop by Montage's official blog by clicking here. Take a moment. We want you to laugh with us. We can be pompous about ourselves, because all the awesomeness JMC lends to us is prone to spilling out now and then. But with this blog, the creative scribes of JMC are out there to make you feel at home even before you step into our campus.

Its here. Montage '12. So, are you ready?

PS- If you are one of my male friends reading it, FINE, I know I have to make sure I take you along. I will. I promise. But don't you dare pester me to introduce you to femme fatales from my college. Please.


  1. HEHE LOL :P i loved the P;S part very very very MUCH :)
    Good luck for the event...

  2. This coming from you means a lot ! I'm glad you enjoyed all the posts. You have definitely motivated us to make not only montage but ourselves bigger and better :) . Your post definitely deserves a reblog ;). Thank you soo much :*

  3. @Deepak
    If you are in Delhi, do drop by! And let your followers know about us please. Will mean a lot!!!

  4. @Niyati
    Yayyieee! Thanks for commenting. Let me know if you are serious about the reblog. I will modify it a little.
    Love and luck!

  5. :D
    YOU are an inspiration...I've learnt so much from you..and I keep learning..
    You never fail to acknowledge another person's hard take notice of the minute details and provide feedback..ever ready to help us in any and every way! Thank you so much !!
    you make us want to work harder, because we know, there's someone who is noticing the 'khoon paseena' that we're putting in.. :P
    Thank you for everything! :D
    Love you :)
    PS- whattey reply! Wah Wah!! *clap clap*

  6. @Aakriti
    Nice! Please coordinate with me. It will be nice to catch up with you in our old familiar campus :)

  7. @kc247
    What a spectacle of mutual admiration!
    Itni flattery ki zaroorat nahi hai. Bas kaam karte raho, aur smile baant-te chalo. Rest everything will fall into place. All my love and luck for you and your team. Rock it!!!