Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Reminiscences- Loss!

Disbelief, anger
And a smile.
They who held hands
Apart by a mile.
Love's scary vision
Life's daunting trial.
A moment more of pain
Then grace on a calm heart's isle.

With great things comes the possibility of great losses. 

Our best bet, as I always say, is to live it while it lasts! 


  1. live it while it lasts !!! i like that :)

  2. great thngs nly happen caus u go thru great losses :P this is the path to enlightment .. self realistaion ;) --- in ur words
    "A moment more of pain
    Then grace on a calm heart's isle."

  3. even though it is the shortest of all your posts that i have read, it is lovely :)

    and the best thing about it is the picture with the words "you are more important than you realise" ..... i recently found out how very true that is :)

  4. @Anonymous
    I know who you are, and to manage words of appreciation out of your mouth means something to me. Glad I could connect somewhere :)

  5. @Sushruti
    Nice to have you back. And honestly, writing short posts has been a huge challenge for me. This one was a rare successful endeavor.

  6. Oh! Its an original :)
    To be quoted strictly under my name ;)