Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flakes of Love

With a light jacket hung loosely onto my shoulders, I stepped out of my house, like I do daily at ten thirty at night. It is my time for an after-dinner stroll. A step up the stairway, and I found myself smiling, as if something good was going to come my way today. I had not even reached the terrace door when a pleasantly chilly gust of air greeted my face. My loose hair were blown back, and I felt my smile intensifying. The winters I was missing so bad had finally knocked at my door.

Winter, indisputably, is the most romantic of all seasons. Delhi winters especially so. Early morning fog with its musty smell, afternoon rays cascading down to mark their feeble presence, or the extremely chilly nights yearning for the warmth of a lover- winter with all its solemn hues entices hopeless romantics like me. Numerous scenes are automatically added to the fabric of a love story I'm trying to weave. Yes, I am trying to put together a love story. At times for real. At times in just the landscape of my imagination.

Ambling on the terrace was more pleasant than usual today. I was walking through the chill. My hands stretched the jacket to tightly wrap it around my body, but my nose was more than glad to be exposed and breathing in the smell of winters. My mind felt calm, and felt rich. Rich with memories of love. Memories for real, and memories conjured.

In bits, I felt lonely. I have always pictured myself in the warm, cozy embrace of someone special as I open my eyes to a lazy, reluctant morning. In the very next breath, I see myself adamantly returning to slumber, sinking deeper into the same embrace. Sharing coffees by the window, and sharing clasps on a long, aimless walk down the road- these common visions seem to acquire new definition when a fog-rich background is added to them. Lazy smiles. Ceaseless hugs. And beautiful nights. Sigh. I did feel lonely. Acutely.

However, I was not open to any gloom today. Winters, eluding the Delhi air for so long, were finally making their presence felt. Under that fast enveloping feeling of loneliness borne out of an acute urge to share my winter mirth with someone, I desperately sought some pleasant distraction for myself. Finding none, I thought it best to plan for an ideal, still 'single' winter. What would be the best options for living a memorable winter, for a romantic who finds herself still single in the city?

Books-romantic fiction strictly.
Coffee by the balcony-a single mug, of course.
Stroll in Central Park- early morning, to miss the sight of all those lucky couples.
Piping hot tomato soup- at D'pauls, warmth and pocket comfort simultaneously.
Journal entries- amid outdoor beauty, Lodhi Gardens or Agrasen ki Baoli.
Clothes- greys or whites, dark or subtle, intense or calm.
Quilt comforts- with a remote and nice love story on tv.

And if all this love is not potent enough to suffocate me, may be I would spend some time reflecting on yet another closing year. The bests of it, the worsts of it. The achievements, the lessons. The friends, the best friends. December is like a mischievous damsel- it gives me the most beautiful painting of nature to gaze at, it gives me the most salubrious weather to feel rejuvenated in, but it also lends me a powerful craving to have someone near by, and even before I know it, it fills me with the gloom of having to watch another year go by.

I have not even finished writing this post, and I'm already receding into imagining yet another scene which will hopefully fit into the love story I'm writing, for real or not. You, my dear readers, I would be indebted to, if you could suggest something new for me to do these winters, given that I am not occupied anywhere else. If for you winters are not just another passing month, if you romanticize them as much as I do, what would you do to make them absolutely special ?


  1. Fresh. Vibrant. Makes me want to come to Delhi right now and take that walk in the central park. Loved it :-)

  2. Ya, I agree that winters are just beautiful ... be it any moment of the day ... the clothes you wear - the jackets, mufflers, scarves etc etc are just superb...

    When you're talking about love, well yes, its the most romantic season ... the long winter evening walks, the chilled coffee in the evenings and for a change a sip of warm too ... the hugs, the charming sun and the shy moon behind the fog or smog is just beautiful ...

    Yes, I too enjoy these few months and I do miss that someone special ... :) ;)

  3. @Rohan
    Thank you :), and welcome to my blog. I know you read often, but its the first time you left a comment. And that means a lot. When you're hear, a coffee somewhere near Central Park on me :)

  4. @Achint
    You are one of the romantics I admire for his romanticism. And you're lucky, at least you have a special someone. I am currently hypothesizing one. But thanks. You, I trust. And someone, for sure is very lucky to have you.

  5. the article is like a soft warm muffler u want to wrap around ur neck reflects the warmth of ur personality .bless u dear.

  6. Heyloz Saumya....oh dear..u verbalize my thought of loneliness as well...Yeah another year having spent "alone" so to say....Winters!! ah!! I loveed the things u penned down...let's meet up sometime? I have been wanting to go to Agrasen ki Baoli like forever.....but couldnt...I won't really suggest reading a romantic novel...coz as much as it makes u want someone, it makes u feel sad as well...explore the city in the bright warm sun:) yeah!! that u should do!! and me too:P wishing u a very happy month:)

  7. The only reason..that I am not missing chilly Delhi winters right because....I have a chillier, foggier and SNO(Wow)Y weather to look forward to... :P

    Too lazy to make just a single mug of coffee...and probably too cold to take a regular stroll in the park ...I will probably just sit with the book or with a movie...

  8. @Shakuntala Ma'am
    Your feedback warms my heart just enough to ward off the prickly winter for a pleasant while. Your blessings help me remain humble. Thank you :)

  9. @Aakriti
    You know, I was about to request you to leave a comment on this particular blogpost. Something told me you will like it. I was right! Its the way you write which makes your thoughts come so close to the reader, and I am one of your permanent fans. Agrasen ki Baoli is on! Just let me know the day you are free!

  10. @Kunal
    Which part of the planet do you inhabit? And Delhi winters have a charm. They are unbeatable anywhere else on the planet :P

  11. Hey love.....u are my fan?? :O....I'd prefer the word "admirer"...for I wish to be grounded at least and so far as my writing is concerned. Have replied to u on FB..:)As soon as my done with my assessments, we'll plan up to go the that exotic place:)
    and Saumya dis dp of urs is superbly perfect for winters;)

  12. Thank you so much Aakriti di! Fan, or admirer, I will continue to treat you with respect. Keep stopping by, it means a lot :)
    And I love this pic too. Thanks again!