Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Water Memory - Guest Post by Anurag Vats

Do You see those drops falling?
Each drop of water that falls on Your skin has tales to tell.
Each swig of the drink You take; taste, or no taste, has moments.
Water retains memories. 
Hence each time You see rain falling,
Each time You share a drink,
Each time You drink water, sharing that glass,
You share a part of the memory.
You wouldn't realise. 
But it takes a place in Your head.
Memories of Centuries.
Memories of moments.
Memories of the moments past.
Memories of present.
It is absorbing a part of You as we breathe. 
It’s good that You live here, and we've shared a drink. 
Perhaps that's the reason, a part of You lives in me,
And You wouldn’t realise, a part of mine in Yours. 
It is neutral, it is transparent.
Because it is so opaque, with memories that You won’t be able to see.
They say that a kiss can transfer a bit of You in the other.
Who knows why?
Water memories, watermarks and water colours.

What are waters?
They are eternal. I swear.
Imagine, water goes up and precipitates, for millennia.
Ancient water.
Water sipped an unison, they speak.
Water fallen on the paper. 
Water kissed from the cheeks.
Water absorbed from the other's body.
Watery eyes.
Ever imagined saline water that runs in tears and in oceans.
We are almost water.
So is most of the Earth.
Uncountable memories.
Countable instances.
Memories make Us, most of Us.
Memories lead to love, to procreation and it doesn't end there.
Memories conjure water too and water conjures memories.
Drop by drop.
They fall like drops of You and i.
Drops of us. 
Dropped through Us.
On Us. 
In Us.

About The Poet
Anurag Vats is among the many young, promising poets I met over the past year, who leaves the listeners of his poetry exhilarated and incredulous with his deft, bordering on fantastical use of language. Anurag, besides creative expression, has the blessing of a mesmerising baritone, and even if my description of his poetic brilliance is going a bit over the top, it is still all justified, you can trust me! The above poem, if just one example, and you can find more, here - http://anurag-vats.blogspot.in/

Image Credits (For the dewy-leafy picture) - Vivek Nambiar (another awesome friend I made over the many gatherings I attend and organize. 


  1. This masterpiece is gonna echo in my conscious to the realms of divinity

  2. This one's left a deep impact since that day. Had been waiting to read this again.
    And glad that my click came handy! ;)

    1. I shall be using more of your clicks sir! With due credits, of course :)