Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Little Something On Me

There is a tag going on around at Instagram, where people are asked to state 20 random facts about themselves. I remember a time when such tags were routine in the world of blogs. However, I feel, with the coming up on multiple social networking fora, where the content you write is instantly and easily share-able and tag-able, blogs have sort of gotten relegated to a secondary expression position - laborious, slightly inconvenient.

Anyway, so I wanted to do the same tag here; for old time's sake. Also, for archiving purposes. Here we go.

Lodhi Gardens

  1. I am in love with the world of written words - I want to own it, play in it, learn with it, carve it, destroy it, reconstruct it and flow with it. 
  2. Ammi - Letters To A Democratic Mother by Saeed Akhtar Mirza is the book which has influenced me most in life. Following it at a close second spot is a book called The Assassin's Song by M. G. Vassanji. 
    Saeed Akhtar Mirza
  3. Faiz Ahmed Faiz is the poet who tugs at the cords of my heart most strongly, though I will admit to not being able to comprehend his language completely. 
  4. I have always been a people's person, but that manner of existence has begun disenchanting me lately. 
  5. I am crazily in love with Silver Jewellery - buy me some and be assured I will instantly fall in love with you. I am also slowly opening up to the idea of gold and bling. Dang is my favourite place to pick up gold-funky-accessories from. 
  6. I discovered Mythology, specifically Mahabharata as a huge ocean with depth as yet waiting discovery, earlier this year. I hence started a club called Maha Varta with a bunch of mythology enthusiasts which has opened my eyes to much which would have otherwise been left elusive. 
  7. I desire to be married to books and nature, with a cottage all to myself, high up in the hills. 
  8. I have been blessed with a friend who remains with me to grant me unconditional love and support even when I am a witch. Such friends, companions, lovers are rare. They are a blessing most of us fail to understand. 
  9. This blog has been dearer to me than most journals I have written in moments of intimacy with myself. Each time I see the ticker at the right hand side move, I do a mental jig. 
  10. My day job is that of a Content Strategist; but then, so are my night jobs, one  of which is that of the Poetry Editor at a forum called Positivally Cynical (intentionally spelt that way). Here, my boss is someone way younger than me, but this fine young man hides within him an ambitious entrepreneur I love seeing come of age.
  11. I love experimenting with new flavours of tea. You want to take me out for a date? Sunset and tea, or monsoon and tea work wonders!
  12. I was a coffee addict at one time. The incident which changed that was when I collapsed due to drinking 12 cups of coffee in a span of 8 hours. Don't ever try that at home!
  13. I am in love with my voice.
  14. If I were to venture out this moment for a holiday, I would pick between - Udaipur, Jaipur and Sattal. 
  15. I go to the fanciest of restaurants to savour the fanciest of dishes from the most exotic corners of the world, but my favourite hangout remains Janpath McDonalds', with their breakfast menu served to me on rain-fed or foggy mornings.
  16. I want to keep exploring arts - all forms of it - throughout life. Right now, playback is the weird ambition I have been day-dreaming after. 
  17. I think faith is a tough concept to hang onto and that we all need our Krishna in life - living, breathing, wise entities who have something very humanly admirable about them. My Krishna exists in combination of real and imagined entities. 
  18. I love getting clicked. 
  19. I met poetry last year. It made me happy, but then caused immeasurable pain. I am trying to meet it again now, through a concept called Poets' Collective. I have no clue where it will go - but I do know that I will not try too hard again in life. 
  20. I am trying to lose weight these days. Extra volume doesn't bother me. Alarmingly low levels of stamina do. 
Bonus - I am obsessed with the idea of becoming the flow, whatever that means. 

I would love it if the following people to repeat the exercise on their respective blogs - Achint Mathur, Manan Kulshreshtha, Neha Menon, Navin Dutta, Sudhanshu Shekhar Tiwari, Neelkamal Pandey, Yogesh Pandey, Aakriti Mallik, Kunal, Archika Poria, Varun Rustagi and anyone else who happens to drop by here. Leave a link to your blog in the comment section below. I would love to visit and know a little more about you. 


  1. :-) It's good to read you always.

    I like blogs more than the social profiles... Hoping to find luxury of time to write back.

    1. I hope the same for you too. Would love to hear back from you!

    2. i luv to read what you write . you play with ur words , colour ur thoughts bright n beautiful n positive . yes you r very photogenic n you have a nice smile , stay blessed .

    3. Thank you ma'am!

      Comments like this make the smile on my face brighter :)

  2. Saumya, this was amazing. We might have lost touch over the years..but you still inspire me a lot.

    and You always look charming irrespective of your weight!

    1. During school, you too inspired me a lot Swati, so glad you dropped by to read!

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  4. Its very good actually.Most of the points seem correct
    Here is mine

    1. Correct? You were checking them? Haha.

      Reading yours now :)

  5. Add one more :
    Bonus 2: I am in the habit of passing on smile to whoever I meet...for free.. Glee !

  6. Oh My My.. I stumbled on this Blog and Am So Happy That I did. a treasure of Sorts.
    Specially this Article.

    Inspires me to Write about myself and I'm sure what will come out is not only a few words but lot of Emotions and Lots of Self Discoveries too.

    And Loved every bit of what you wrote Saumya jee....And very Soon shall be getting Silver jewelry for you ;-)
    Thanks Saumya jee....