Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Don't Lose The Tender Touch

Don't lose the tender touch,
My friend.

I know life is unfair
I know you've known despair.
Life hurts and haunts and
Kills your joy
It messes and snatches
Your favorite toy
But like a stringent parent
It only means to teach
Lessons in love and truth
In bliss beyond our reach
You have it in you
It'll always remain
Don't lose the tender touch, 
My friend.

I remember the day
When you'd relentlessly pray
That when you woke up
Your love had come back
You opened your eyes up to pain
Reality seemed like a devilish trap
Not trap, 'twas but a test
With no wrong or right.
Go ahead, don't fear
Win the test of life
Love flows through you
It has no end
Don't lose the tender touch
My friend

Each failure, each step taken wrong
Is His attempt, in making us strong
Remove the facade
Let love touch you
The world is waiting
Kiss the brightest hue
I know a door has closed forever
But don't you hear the knocks on others?
Flash your brightest smile, 
Wear your heart on your sleeve
It won't break, don't fear
To many out there, you're precious and dear
Feel, and breathe and
Preserve the essence
And never ever lose the tender touch, 
My friend.

To all those who feel life has been unfair, this is my plea. Stop for a second, and count your blessings. You will never know how fortunate you are till you see another one survives on less than half of what you have been bestowed with. Gandhiji's Talisman has a relevance in our world. Consider yourself fortunate if you can touch someone's life and make him smile. Extend the horizon's of your life to accommodate those many people who love you, who want to be loved by you. Flash your warmest smile to them, and give them an unexpected hug, a careful kiss. Make them believe you'll be there even if you fear otherwise. Don't cage all that love inside you. Let it flow around, let it touch lives. If you've been hurt, you would know how feels. Being hurt should empower you for protecting someone else from hurt, for applying balm an someone else's wounds. Live and love. Its only one life which we all get, dear friend.

A picture is worth a thousand words


  1. taking inspiration from failures,learning from them and again standing up to fight the world, is all i could relate to from this.
    Whereas talking about being nice to everyone around is something which i don't believe exist in practical world,even if one tries to do dat,they are proved wrong on regular basis,you have to be ruthless today..!!!

    1. Ha ha! There are people in your life worth all that niceness. I know the world is ruthless, but in the last part, I was not alluding to the ruthlessness which exists in the world, but the love which lingers around you. To live and experience life to the fullest, it is important to value that love and reciprocate.

      Even if this you do not agree to, I will understand you have your own ideas about things. Many of my friends do, too

    2. I can never disagree with you,ill try to look at it from your point view,may be it can get a change in me..:)

    3. Allow that change only if it is positive :)
      And you can of course have disagreements with me. In fact, you should. I get to see an alternate side of things that way.

  2. dear ur sunny smile n warm behaviour shows that U practice what U preach... bless U , keep writing we enjoy ur lovely thoughts .

    1. Sitting so far away, I feel nice you remember such things about me. I was lucky to have you as one of the first teachers who continues to be a mentor till date.

      Thank you!

  3. suuuchhh a beautiful rendition.....beauty, purity and truth... Saumya, big five for such a wonderful poem, excellent .. it has got everything, the love, the care, the depth .... and now am telling you , even in the deepest of wild "NEVER LOSE THE TENDER TOUCH" as it will help you grow more pure and soul will always bloom. (amen)

    1. Wow!
      Through this comment, I feel as if you have build up on my concept and made it look more beautiful. Thanks a ton! As I said before, it is lovely to have you back here :)

  4. THe perfect encouragement I needed at this point in time. Thank you so much for these inspiring lines. Being able to see the lesson in our darkest moments is essential though difficult, but being able to see it makes the journey worthwhile. Keep writing, Saumya.

    1. Thank you so much Subhorup!
      Welcome to Nascent Emissions. You have no idea how wonderful it feels when unknowingly, these musings end up lighting someone else's dark hearts. Whatever it was that was bothering you, I will pray it does not come back. Even if it does, you will be a stronger person to deal with it now.


  5. Very apt and beautiful rendition, Saumya... SO very relevant in today's life when we don't pause to think.
    Thank you for reminding me to do so.

    1. And to you Amrita, thank you for leaving this comment and reminding me that there is a pretty girl out there whom I really wanted to meet after the conference ended, but forgot about it, somehow.

      Please find time and drop over at my place. Let's catch up :)

    2. I shall, I shall! I want to! :)
      If you're in DU anytime, don't forget to call me!
      Take Care!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! Welcome to Nascent Emissions!

  7. Very well written! Beautiful!

  8. Never lose the tender touch. Worth remembering at all times. More so when the going gets tough and life treats you unfairly. But going by this poem, there is nothing unfair about it, if you look at it differently. A lesson taken. Thank You. :-)

    Good Luck.

    1. Yes. Life is all about perspectives at the end of it, isn't it?
      Nice to hear from you after long, thanks!
      What has been happening, not blogging a lot?

  9. Beautiful, beautiful writing there! Loved it!

  10. this is such a beautifully written post and such a sweet thought...

    1. Thanks Roshan!
      Coming from you it means a lot :) :) :)

  11. Beautifully written. Yes, that's the way you should live. I believe in living one day at a time with the family who is more than a treasure, the friends and love who are angels of god.

    Life is unpredictable, so rather than living with the worse take out the best from it.

    1. Now now, isn't my blog happy to receive regular comments from you?
      You not only appreciate the writer in me, but leave behind some of your own thoughts that sound familiar and warm and worth learning from. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  12. That was incredibly idealistic. In fact the last part in italics gave me the impression that I was reading someone's eulogy. :'(

    1. Eulogy? Idealistic is okay, but why so?
      You always have really nice, thought provoking, out of the box things to say about my posts.
      I like!