Friday, October 28, 2011

A Little Fear Is Okay

Okay. So after thinking about it a lot, oscillating between a yes and a no for about the millionth time, I have decided to go ahead, and post this. It is a bit of forced experimentation into a language and a mode of writing which I am least comfortable with. But, trust your friends for shaking you out of your comfort zones into the untrodden territories at the attack of one 'Please' which is so confidently sent your way, that you cannot do anything but comply. So it happened with me. I was asked by my friend to draft a motivational piece of writing, for someone who needed some inspiration for a supremely important endeavour, I was more than happy to oblige till I was told that it had to be in Hindi/Urdu, and preferably a poem. I did wail and complain for a while, but this friend of mine, referred to as my Goddess in one of the earlier posts, is one person I cannot even dream of turning down. She never turns me down- answers me even when I want to know the meaning of terms as obscure of 'deficit financing', 'sensitivity training', 'economic terrorism', 'maglev' among others. For those who do not find these terms obscure, shrink your brain to the size of mine.

So, back to the point. I did, finally, write. In Hindi, perhaps using Urdu words, and trying to make the whole thing rhyme. In a little less than fifteen minutes. Well aware of how dangerous this might be for the reputation of my blog, I will risk posting the five verses I composed, here. Cheistha (my Goddess) liked it. Thats one of the reason for posting it here.

The second reason, I am myself a little scared in life, and can do with a little bit of motivation myself. Lets see, if I can motivate myself. Also, for all my fellow IAS aspirants, heart-felt good wishes for the Mains Exams which begin tomorrow. For those of you who are as scared as me, let the fear keep you humble, keep you focussed. Keep a part of it with you, just don't be overwhelmed by it. A combination of a little nervousness and a little more confidence is lethal. Works, always.

Without further ado, here is the poetry. Curse, don't laugh. First time :)

Rehne do dil mein darr,
Paaon zameen pe rakho,
Phir ik nazar uthao,
Aur arsh par hi rakho.

Har udne wale ke zehen mein
Girne ka darr lazmi hain
Tum alag ho, ki dar ke saath bhi,
Darr ke upar udte ho.

Hai wahaan ke tareeke aur,
Jahaan vishwaas bas chehre ka naqaab hai
Bharosa dil ka gehna hai
Tum dil hi mein sajaaye rakho

Yeh dil ka bharosai hai
Jo muskaan-e-bayaan ban jayega
Ek kaamyaabi ka kinara,
Had-e-nigaah mein rakho.

Main aawaaz hoon tumhare dil ki
Mujhe aawaaz do chahe jis waqt
Woh guzra waqt nahi hoon
Ki mujhe se mil bhi liye, aur yaad bhi na rakho

PS- I know the last verse sounds like Ghalib. It is not attempted plagiarism. I guess Its just the inevitability of romancing him for some years now. 


  1. He he! Thank you! Before the curses pour in.....

  2. vishwaas hai dil ki awaaz,
    har naya din hai ek aghaaz ...

    jo udne ka kaleja rakhte hain woh darrte nahi,
    jo girke uthte hain woh kabhi jhukte nahi ...

    just added few lines ... first attempt is not so bad ... :) keep it up

  3. I so love the second two lines. Aap toh boss ho! You wrote these?
    And thanks for the encouragement. May be I'll improve.

  4. You know Soumya why is your writing so appreciated?? 'Coz your words come as nonchalantly and effortlessly as your thoughts run across your mind, which is the hallmark of a good writer. Am sure you've heard that from people before that you write well. I'll just say you write carelessly and yet manage to strike a chord. Which, to me, is great! Keep it going :)

    As for the suing part, yeah am serious. *winks*

  5. Smriti Di!
    Pampered, and flattered, and embarrassed. But I love you! And no, categorically this I have not heard from people before, so it is deeply cherished. Thank you so, so much.
    As for the suing bit, your legal expertise will come really handy. Thanks. I'll send you a list, which is long, really soon ;)

    Thank you. And love :)

  6. Nice post there. I'm sure you did inspire your goddess too with your prowess with writing. :)
    I wish I could verses like you someday.

  7. As much as I appreciate your humility, I find it grossly misplaced. You're aware how religiously I follow your blog(s), simply for the love of the beautiful words you use to convey your thoughts. Good in poetry, as remarkable in prose.

    Thanks for the comment :) Means a lot!

  8. Not hindi is poor...but I understood the overall content of your poem....I liked it..Keep posting....And best of luck for IAS...:-)

  9. Hey! Thanks! I read 'Consumed'. Brilliant work out there. Keep dropping by :)

  10. Love it ! Brilliant ! Will make AP ma'am read it :) :)

  11. Pagal hai? Nervous ho gayi main :P
    Ma'am bahut zyada achchha likhti hain. Ask her if she will tutor me :)

  12. likho jab bhi,zamane ko hawa mein rakh do
    tassuvar jo bhi kahe,hawao ko naye rukh mein rakh do...

    dee u write beautifully,ur thoughts flow like water which only transcends and inspires...keep up the good work.:)

  13. Wow! You write beautifully too! Did you write the above yourself? If you did, why don't you too blog and make it a regular habit?
    Thanks for the praises. Humbled!

  14. how did your exam go????:-D Am i talkin to a future IAS officer ryt now???:-)

  15. Hey! Exam's' went well. Four done, five more to go. And future is what future will reveal. Can't say :)

  16. thanx alot dee,dat wasn't mine, i read it somewhere some time back,but thought it fit here perfectly. :)
    talking about me starting with a blog,well that's a distant dream for me, i find more pleasure in reading then writing,so for the time being i just want to cherish your and other's fabulous work.
    Best of luck for your remaining exams,keep us posted, i have already started planning my treat!!..;))

  17. Trust me, for this particular occasion, I would be more than willing to give you a treat. Thanks for all the encouragement. :)

  18. The verse in hindi is quite beautiful :)

    Good Luck for the Exams! :)

  19. mashallah Saumya!the last two 'verses' or paras ( what should I say, corect me if wrong) stole my heart. Beautiful attempt:)

    Yeh Urdu mohtarma hai hi kuch aisi
    Ki bina samjhe dil pighlaye
    Nazakat aur shararat hai ki kuch aisi
    Ki dil ae gham mein bhi
    Ek muskaan de jaye :)

    Happy writing

    1. Yaar! Aap toh bilkul professional poet ki tarah likhti ho. And, finally, you can comment!? Yay!