Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Solitude Haunts...

I love being lonely,
Oh! Yes I do.
I drift within my own self,
But at times I lack a cue;

I love the gentle caresses,
Alighting on my face like dew,

'Tis my fingers on my cheeks,
I so wish it were you...

I love being lonely,
The thrill to exalt, and be 'me',

Still, what 'they' think, what 'they' feel,

Creates immeasurable anxiety.
Oh forget it! All I need is a mirror,

Have me to talk and see.

Silly, confused woman, 'tis your own image,
In which you seek company.

I love being lonely,
Wrapping around myself my arms.
I close my eyes, I feel complete,

I lend myself warmth and calm.
Yet a knot and two faces in my heart,
Whose hugs took me by storm,

Foist on me the realization,

Solitude haunts; does never charm.

Might be a bit messed up, but it is to assert that I love the presence of every single person in my life...and i CANNOT survive with even one of you turning away from me....Love you you for giving me so much of love... forever indebted...


  1. Intresting post soumya..
    from :srinivas
    my another blog

  2. very well written saumi..looks even better on ur blog..

  3. MAK says
    "A very well written post Gehna...Speaks clearly of the person you are, and the sort of thoughts that inundate your mind..the way you get attached, and love people..commendable work!"

  4. amazing,... no words

  5. lovely....i never saw this post...the mirror line is my favourite and the last two lines just did it all

  6. Hey!!!
    Thanks Vrinde!
    I missed you so much around on my blog. And this poem is really really special for me. Its because of the motivation may be.
    That aside, I am genuinely glad you liked it.

  7. A brilliant piece. I loved and loved it, absolutely! :)