Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Missing Pieces

Puzzles need
Empty spaces
Like cases
To keep congruency alive.
And so, my life
On your admissions of loneliness.

I fit into the crevices
You leave bare
And into instances
You forget to share.
The pain that numbs you
Gives me reasons to live.

I align to your latitudes
I fill your missing pieces
With multitudes
Of what they call mortal sins.
I entwine my luck
With the empty spaces
Between your fingers
And what lingers is
Nervous comfort in your eyes.

I languorously chew
On the smoke 
Burning your subterranean ideals.
The fluidity for which I aspire
Then conspires
To stop the cauterization 
And attempt a dousing.
I'll still be the banks
Once this river has flown through. 

Selfish, coveted
Stolen, even as you resisted
It fills you
As it fills me
With an emptiness
Of a special kind
Leaving a hole
Difficult to find.

I served my destiny.

You fulfilled yours.


  1. Didi...I can't tell how much I love reading your poems.Their serenity ,tranquility that bestow over nostlagia. It's more than overwhelming. This (*I'll still be the banks
    Once this river has flown through.
    *) is truly you.
    PS : Loved it di and please please recite this in next PC ❤❤

  2. Its one of the finest poems I've read so far. Didi it has a similar feel of arrangement of words so perfectly as in 'Palanquin Bearers'.
    In love with this. <3