Friday, January 8, 2016

If I Could

If I could
I would tell you
That I love the idea
Which brews
With your aroma
And dies with my soul.
You're tastefully forbidden
Majestically hidden
Tragically unbidden
In this land
Which unfolds
Into folds
Of my existence
Screechingly tugging at yours.

If I could
I would tell you
That I want that story
To plain be true
Which I conjured
Out of the concoction
You held in your hands
And more so in your eyes.
As our gaze met
I moved to your side
Just to avoid your eyes.

If I could
I would tell you
That inebriation is the cue
With which I come through
To drink pieces of you.
I like treasuring you numb
I like being dumb
To all but your being
Equally drunk
On prying me out
Of the haze of noise
And smoke of humanity.
You're majestic
Each time I drink to desire.

If I could
I would tell you
That held hands
Are normal.
They're cool
Like all instances
Of pretended normality.
Holding hands is the only
Transcendence of morality.
Rest follows on its own
I hope it follows soon
On the same,
Pretended course of normality. 

If I could
I would tell you
That not writing to you
Is not an option
It is a curse
To our love.
As I write to you
I write you
An unbecoming tale
As I repeatedly fail
To say any of this to you.

If I ever could
Even then I wouldn't
Let you know
How easy and true
Was it to get through
This funny notion of love
I happily hold
As a recipe of remorse
I am adamant
To never share with you.
I'm forever keeping from you
The idea of you
I uniquely own

Whether you do, or not
Say 'I do'.


  1. Ab kya poets collective pakka ayunga...aapka autograph lena hai...If I could i would tell you.💕

    1. Mere autograph ki koi value nahi hai! I'll reserve my best smile for you but :)

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  3. It's so good and immensely relatable especially last stanza *Don't know why*....After reading this am swayed away under emotions to another place in my mind. The actual feeling was rather like this "Reality never existed Illusions are sacred truth that had kept hold of oblivion this world prevail in.
    PS: Didi..would love to hear you recite this..����❤❤

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  5. Such Simplicity and Grandeur is a rare combination...

  6. :O If I could, I would tell you, that I just want to marinate on your poems, till a new one comes to the occasion be absorbed till absolution. Didi! This is so, SO intimate in such brilliant simplicity.

    1. Oooooh! I loved the word 'marinate'! Now itching to use it somewhere :P

  7. Oh Didi! This poem was so so good. I just can't get enough of it. Poems like these become your night companion. I just want to hear it in your voice, record that and then play it before going to sleep.

    1. Waah. Mujhe laga tune poetry padhni-likhni chhor di hai.

  8. This is good saumya, like, very very good. :)
    Beautiful emotion, smoothly penned down. Too good :)

  9. Uff! The internal rhythm in this is just so beautiful! Such a refreshing read :)

  10. Saying 'beautiful' might sound cliched. But that is the exact word I am tempted to use to praise here!