Saturday, April 4, 2015

What The Stars Know And I Don't

The Lake

I look at the stars
Twinkling as scars
On the dark landscape of my memory.

My words in my ears
Mere seconds converted to years
From the time you left me.

My heart to for his love
For the heaven above
To pull aside the curtain of fury.

The arrogance turn to dust
The soul poised to burst
Into a million shreds of agony.

PC - Mohit Tyagi

I sat alone, alone with the stars, remembering the tick-tock of his steps hurrying out of our house. The tick-tock of his leaving resonated till much later in the sounds of the clock. Time serves as a reminder of his love and my envy, his embrace and my pride, his loyalty and my doubt. I’m sitting, sitting along, gazing at the stars, to spot a speck of his reflection.

I know not where he is. Probably the stars do.