Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter Notebook - December Arrives With A New Theme!

December is a reflection zone for me. This month brings with itself the smell of nostalgia. It does also, usually, carry along the wonder of winter, the comfort of blankets and the thrill of cosy moments with friends, but, well, that, I believe, is a burden of expectations which January will have to bear. I can say this, because I am writing this post sitting on the floor in the drawing room of my house, wearing half sleeves kurta with a thin, cotton salwar, killing mosquitoes as I type. December should not feel like this. I mean, by now, I should have been shivering inside a blanket wrapped around an oversized gharwali jacket. And by now, all mosquitoes should have died of merciless cold. But, aah, well, none of those has happened.

PC -

The nostalgia is here, definitely. It has got a little to do with winters, which carry along the pleasant lull of thoughtfulness. It has got a little more to do with the timing. Another year is dying, only so it may live with its best and worst moments inside us. A new year starts looming in imagination, with its promises of great things and nervousness of new experiments and performances. Is the prospect of a new year always exciting? I don't know. However, for me, personally, I am glad 2014 is going to be gone.

It was a tough year for me; probably the toughest in my memory. The scratches of bitter moments are still red, and they itch now and then. It was a year in which I saw myself refusing to mature with experience. I found regression comforting. This was a year in which I challenged life, looking right in its eye. Then, I won some, I lost some. Good things happened, of course they did! But somehow, I am looking at December to serve as a grand compensation for all that went wrong. So far, it has behaved, umm, in a lukewarm manner. But it has only just started, and probably great things are in store. Or probably they are not. I don't know. I don't know how welcome is it to think of planting experiences and not allowing them to come on you naturally.

Good, or bad, one thing I am fervently hoping is that December leaves me with experiences I can translate into stories. Oh yes, I am high on writing stories these days.

I am also high on eliminating clutter from my life, a start of which has been made on this blog. I loved the rich red shades of the earlier theme, but I guess it was time I made things cleaner (and leaner?) here. What do you think of the new theme? Not that I am going to change it if you advise, but I would love to know your thoughts.

A wintry smile, from last year.

I'll introduce you to my memories this month. You don't really have to be on this journey with me, but I will be glad if you are. 


  1. This led me to think about all what I got, and all what I lost this year. It's December already. I should do the flashback thing quick. But there's no time. I am killing time, and there's harshness in 'vice-versa'. This year has just scooted by, drowned in journalism and new experiences. Some old experiences, just painted new. There's a mish-mash of thoughts, and memories. I need a jar, or another blog-post to recollect them. And preserve them. Thank you Saumya di for such a beautiful post. It's stirring, in its own way. Thank you.

    1. Isn't it amazing how our perception at times can make a rather mundane thing acquire scintillating hues? Your prism to life is like that Aaqib, and hence I hold you so special.

      The thing is, I know you have been really busy whole of this year. I love the work that you do, but now I would dearly love to see you relax and breathe in the beauty that life is and reflect upon the triumphs and successes and struggles from the year gone by. Also, I would love to take you out someday. We can also, probably, buy that jar you know. Of course we can :)

  2. Saumya Jee. loved reading it... And I remember it was actually Shiverring Cold in these days. And how much i miss them :-(

    Everything you conveyed was so relatable. December has always been a special Month.... Some how you can always feel Happiness around...Meeting Lot more friends.. a Bit relaxed attitude and eating lots and lots.

    I ensure to enjoy this to maximum and last 2 days have been exactly the way, i want it to be.

    The New Blog Theme Looks Good. Even though RED is my fav colour....

    When you mentioned "Leaner", That reminded me to be Leaner too... No jee.. not my blog but myself.

    2014 for me has been a great year........ Good Travel, Wrote a lot, tried some great Food, Met and befriended some really great people like you, Smiled a lot and did my own small bit in spread some smiles too.

    December also makes me feel special because of this..

    Wish you an Amazing 2015, and yes.... Keep Spreading the Smiles and Warmth that you do already!!

    They Make Life of People around you better :-)

    1. Such a lively, happy and positive comment on my blog :) Yay!

      Makes me really happy. And you, GST sir, are a rare species of human kind. I have seen you invest your heart and time into making people feel nice and special and happy. I just hope you never lose faith in humanity and your bright and positive attitude continues :)

  3. Saumya - This is a beautiful post... something on the lines of things I have been thinking in last few days... I just wish i knew how to capture them so beautifully :) 2014 is special for me because it brought you in my life. Wishing you a beautiful December and may 2015 bring a year in your life which gets better with each day :) Keep smiling, shining and making us prouder!!!

    1. I love you for saying that :) Yes! I too loved each moment of connecting with you, knowing you better and there are still so many more stories we have to tell each other about ourselves. Let us hope that happens in 2015 :)

    2. :) I love spending time with you as well and yes we need to connect more :)

    3. Make sure then that you are present at the next PC!

  4. are writing stories. already got a reader waiting eagerly. Beautiful post. 2014 came with mixed experiences for me. But towards its end it gave me a beautiful gift. I delivered a baby boy a few days back, so now I am mother of 2 kids.

    1. A big, fat and happy CONGRATULATIONS! Having a baby is like being kissed by a blessing, isn't it? I wish you the best of everything Alka! May god bless you , your family and especially your young one with good health and tonnes of happiness!

    2. I only wish I can meet the baby now :)

  5. It is one of those post which makes you sit, read and reflect. I just realised how fast time escaped under our breath. I mean it was like a few days back when we had those long phone calls, rather not so good things to talk to in those calls, but nevertheless I realised it was way back in April/May. It was a good year for me. It helped me gain good people. Most importantly I got to know you better. A lot better! I tried to get into depression but failed to do so. Damn!

    You see your post makes me write things. Things that I don't, usually, write or share with anyone.
    A fine post this is.

    A regular visitor of your blog.

    (Oh by the way the new look is cleaner but less colorful, could be like the year you had?)

    Much Love

    1. Why would you want to get into depression, you crazy, crazy kid? And like we all, who love you so much, would ever allow that!

      I am glad I can connect with you through my words. It just helps put life, relationship, people and their thoughts so much better into perspective.

      Like always, gratitude and love.