Friday, May 9, 2014

Sonnet II - The Eye Which Closed

A fierce stare, ambling, crawling up
The scar which charred her happy visage
Sour tea bubbling in her brittle cup
She drinks and smiles at the grand mirage

A hand then grips and clutches hard
To press the open wound which oozed
Not blood, just bloodless hymns that start
Talking, while she looks on, amused. 

In a chamber overwhelmed by violence
Of subsurface thoughts felt too deeply
She tries hard to shrug the piercing lens
The whiteness spreading its fangs ornately

The mirror, the frames, the sights weakened, tore asunder
Calming, she closed her eyes, to travel through wonder.

The comment I left at the exhibition

For all those who could not head out to Triveni Kala Sangam in the week that went by, they missed the sight of sheer magic being splashed on the pristine white walls of the Shridharini Art Gallery. The magic was keen, curious, penetrating, and, as they say, stupid! An exhibition of photographs by the name of "Stupid Eye" was on at the venue, where in, a veteran psychologist - Harsheen K. Arora, and a seasoned photographer - Vipul Amar, had collaborated to undertake an intense journey through the inner selves of fourteen people and then paint them out impeccably in front of the world through breathtaking photography. The frames, which were the net result of the inner journey of these people aimed at finding and liberating their true selves, were devastatingly beautiful. At first, they were just frames which you would interpret. Later, they became fields where you would try to locate yourself, or your experiences. How an event trapped inside four walls can be liberating for the creative and the unexplored that hides inside you - this could be learnt at Stupid Eye.
These booklets had all the stories, sans which, my experience at the exhibition would have been incomplete. 

The above sonnet-structured poem was scribbled in a mute response to when Prayas asked me as to what I found there, and if I could locate myself in any of the frames. I failed to do so. I am one of those who is scared of discovering too much - I find my liberation in uncertainties. A picture, too clear, eliminates the possibility of fascinating interpretations - and if the possibility of impossible fancies vanishes from life, it doesn't augur brightly for me. And I seek bright. Blurry, okay, but bright. For some, the frames presented a figment of reality which they thought reflected off their past, or their inner self. For me, the frames served to shut out much, and delve within myself, happy in the cloistered, yet connected existence. And amid this rant, I am stupid if I forgot to tell you that Prayas is that dear friend because of whom Stupid Eye became a rather personal (albeit short) experience. He is among those people who charm you, and make you feel comfortable with the warmth they exude. Its a pleasure to know him.
Posing with Prayas, or one of his manifestations.

I met some tremendously fascinating people up at the exhibition, engaged in insightful dialogues. Harsheen ma'am and Vipul sir were gracious hosts, not refusing anyone an audience, discussing freely what went into conceiving an executing the Stupid Eye project. The opinions of attendees were given weight; there was no one who could stand there and feel wrong. Welcoming smiles and warm hugs - they were my fond takeaways from the brilliant people I met there.
The creators and their creation

So yes, the time I spent at Stupid Eye exhibition was fabulous. It will stay with me. The grand event was made more special because two of my very dear kids - Kamal and Vaibhav - won an art event conducted by the organizers. At the end of this post, I leave you with a gorgeous interpretation of 'Stupid Eye' as painted by Kamal, a kid in whose growth and achievements I take personal pride. And Vaibhav, you deserve another treat.


  1. Stupid Eye is one hell of a concept. I really liked the whole aura of the event and the fact that all the people captured in the frame were present made it even more special. Way to go Stupid Eye and Harsheen Ma'am and Vipul Sir.

    Now lets come to my favorite part.
    Whenever I get a mention on this blog, I just go ecstatic. Its a feeling beyond expressing in words. Saumya Kulshreshtha is now an eternal part of my life and so she shall remain. Add to that Nascent Emission and you have got yourself a package of your dreams.

    Thank you so much for everyting Didi.
    As always
    Much love

    1. You're the king of hyperbole on my blog, seriously :P

      But thanks to you too, for standing by me, when things were not altogether smooth. Such things, I never forget. Wish you many more successes. Stay awesome, stay humble.

  2. oyeeeeeeeee
    mera naam bhi hai yaha :D :D

    thanx di :) :D

  3. well....i tried to ask harsheen...tht was thr any picture which came out as a result of coincidence....nd she said nthing was planned as such...the artists were not informed about what was required from thm..i thnk that was the beauty of it....infact if u have a preconceived notion about somethng it alters your perception about it....i am a fan of natural photography and despise posed ones....but these pictures had somethng in them...the aim with which they were made....kind of reflected in many of them....but it depends on individual interpretation...nd infact i dint connect to a single picture as me being there because when i was watching the pictures it was me who was trying to grasp the essence....nd that is the thing....i tried not to see the booklet and right randok wrds tht came to my mind...nd it resembled the theme when i referred the booklet....i feel its like a scrabble u have letters nd u can make different words from the same letters..nd tht would reflect you...nd instead of u getting trapped in a picture its evry picture getting painted with the colours of ur conscience

    1. Wow. Your rants from a train are always beautiful. I associate with much that you said about Stupid Eye, not all. And that was indeed the beauty of that place. Not a mere collection of photographs, but an experience put together in pictures. I had also decided to write a story on a few of those frames. I will, perhaps, someday :)