Thursday, January 9, 2014

Picture Perfect - January

This year did not start for me on a particularly good note, but that is the subject of an altogether different post. Here, I want to introduce you all to the point where it turned around, where I figured that blessings currently in my life are such that any and all hurdles can be overcome, must be overcome. Random elation greeted me on an excited phonecall when a dear friend, confidante, elder, mentor (and so much more), told me he had made my portrait! The element of surprise did not end here; it heightened when I realized that the portrait is actually a magazine collage - and a trusted expert told me this activity requires both - skill and time. I still shiver with excitement when I look at it - and its the perfect picture with which I am resuming my monthly picture perfect posts. Here, have a look. Isn't it completely incredible?

The happiness continued, when upon my whatsapp window, knocked another artistic genius - another portrait, this time made out of tea leaves! Now. I won't say anything, but let you all have a look at it.

I am a happy girl. Narcissistic, yes, but happy too. Any words of gratitude for this grand gesture are too less. So I will shut up. And go to sleep. And bring to mind yet again all those factors which count as blessings in life. 


  1. I thank you on behalf of the artist :)

  2. beautiful indeed!

  3. hey Saumya .. one word dear .. 'Magical' .. :) (I know I am saying nothing new, but for me, this is the only word to express..)

    1. Thanks Preeti di! So awesome to hear from you :)