Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Ek Baar Phir" - Guest Post by Sidhant Mago

Ek bench.. park mein bench
Hari ghaans, khadi ghaans
Aage sadak..thodi kadak
Sakht sa waqt
Thandi hawa
Khayalon ki umas ki dawa
Kaise bhool gaya, kohra bhi tha
Ya nahi tha..
Ya mujhe laga ki..tha
Kyun main bench par
Paer ghaans par
Aur hawa ke sahaare
Us dhundhle kohre ke beech se
Meri or ek chehra...
NAHI aaya

Ek ghar..furnished ghar
Rocking chair...aage peechhe
Ek carbon paper
Khamoshiyon ke neeche
Chhapa bhi kya, ehsaas?
Ghadi theek thi, samay par
Khidki par os thi
Ya nahi thi
Ya mujhe laga ki...thi
Kyunki main chair par jhoolta
Chair ghadi ke pendulum si jhoolti
Aur us carbon paper ko hataane
Us khidki se os ko mitaane
Achanak se ek haath...
NAHI aaya

Sewaiyaan thi... mannatein thi
Jannatein thi... namaaz thi
Kuchh haath soch hi rahe thi
Aur kuchh already mil chuke the
Kuchh gale jhuk hi rahe the
Aur kuchh already mil chuke the
Ek masjid... jo door thi
Par yaad hai?
Woh rota hua bachcha?
Woh paas tha
Ya nahi tha
Ya tha
Ya mujhe laga ki...tha
Toh maine bhi wahi kiya
Hasa diya
Par phir un sewaiyon ke saath
Woh gala aur woh haath
Us bachche ko hasaate
Eid aayi... par mera yaar
NAHI aaya

About the author
Sidhant Mago is known to the world as Shanky, and to me, he is known as one of the best persons to
have ever stepped on this planet. And I mean it. He is one of those people whose company guarantees unlimited laughter, for humour is his forte. More often than not, you'll be taken by surprise at the kind of wit his very general comments contain. However, the thing about him which impresses me most are his perspectives - on life, on love, on friends, on society - and on every other conceivable thing. Within him is contained an inexhaustible reservoir of creativity, which has many, varied manifestations  - mostly funny, non-serious stuff, or what he proudly calls 'cheap humour'. But then, there is this side to Shanky's creativity too, reproduced here with his permission. And what better day than today to share this poem, which takes one to the melancholy behind a celebratory day.

To all reading this, Eid Mubarak!

And special wishes for Aaqib Raza Khan, whose beautiful photographs have adorned my blog-posts time and again. 
This one falls among my favourite of ARK clicks.


  1. Shanky bhaiya to great hain.."hari ghas, khadi ghas; aage sadak thodi kadak"..awesome lines.

    Feeling tranquil after reading this..for so peaceful a poem can be!

    1. I agree. This is one of the poems which simply grows on you. It really does.

  2. I could so imagine Shanky reciting this in his own style and by the end I was a bit teary eyed.
    Amazing post !

    1. So true! And I feel so lucky that I could recite it in front of PACH members twice :)

  3. a beautiful combination of shanky bhaiya's words, aaqib's amazing clicks and your awesome blog! :D sab mila yaha

  4. weaving some common words into an exquisite creation. Eid Mubarak!

    1. Belated wishes, aapko bhi!

      You should come down for #PACH sometime. You won't regret the effort, I assure you.

  5. I wanted to hear this poem ever since Shanky mentioned it in my first PACH meet. Bus mauka hi na mila. And now when I read it I am all teary eyed. First meet mein agar soni hoti to itna na jiye hoti. Having known you all for so long I know the person you all are and I can see the depth more beautifully.

    And I agree to what you say about Shanky. Every time I hear him talk I am amazed at his depth of things. I remember he once told me I always want people 's poetry to end hopeful in way that they live it. And that defines the person he is.

    You all are awesome. Beyond words :-)

    P.S. make Shanky recite it in the next meet :D

    1. We are all awesome - thats all I can say. I genuinely think we guys are bringing out the best in each other. Its like a blessing, really.

  6. Loved reading it yet again! Kuch lafzon me itna kuch keh jaana aasaan baat nahi! :)

  7. Sidhant, from 'Humor-hairy' tale of 'Bal-Bala' to 'Ek door ki Masjid se najdeeki Rista' .....Wah Janab. Your poetry has wider span & much deeper emotions. I do agree with Saumya, you are really versatile and a nicest person.

  8. kya likha hai mast.. maza aagaya..aweosome. i often visit this blog. its refreshing.

    1. On behalf of Sidhant Mago, I express gratitude :)

      Keep visiting the blog and leaving more comments!

  9. There is so much warmth in the poem... Shanky...It is soo soothing..and sach mein bachpan yaad aa gaya...