Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aspiring Civil Servant? Read On!

Are you as perplexed as most others when you pick up the brand new UPSC Mains syllabus and hop from topic to topic? Like me, are you too jittery when you evaluate your prospects in CS(M) 2013 because you have no clue regarding the depth and extent of topics? Are you too vexed about finding the correct place which can give you both, guidance and knowledge to put you in a favourable position to crack UPSC Mains? Well, I just might be able to introduce you to something which takes care of a large chunk of the above worries.

In a pioneering effort, students have teamed up with determination and dedication to create a programme which is going to be extremely beneficial for those appearing for CS(M) 2013 examination. Called the "QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME" (QIP for short), this initiative comprises of a fortnight of rigorous classes which will cover important topics included in the fresh Mains syllabus, including
1. World Geography
2. Biodiversity and Environment
3. Disaster Management
4. Indian Geography (Paper I and III)
5. Other topics related to or studied in relation with the above.

If looked at carefully, you will realize that the above mentioned headings cover almost 400 out of 1000 marks reserved for General Studies papers, which, obviously, are the game changers this year. All of these will be squeezed into a fortnight of classes conducted by best faculty members with proven credentials, complete with interactive sessions and answer writing practice. Not just this, the group of students commited to making this course successful, are also working hard to get,  topics of Indian Economy and Ethics and Integrity incorporated in the programme.

The mentioned topics would be taken up by Mr. K Siddhartha who is real authority in Geography. Having contributed more than 20 quality and internationally acclaimed books and mentored hundreds of successful civil services candidates he does not need an introduction. The best part is that he has agreed upon taking the classes and thus one thing is assured of i.e. quality. In case of any further query concerning Mr. K siddharth you can visit his website:

This programme will commence on September 15th, 2013 and is open to students from all over. You may call numbers provided at the end of this post for queries and registration. What I find extremely amazing about this entire initiative is how it has resulted from proactive efforts of a student community dedicated towards cracking Civil Services examination, not in isolation, but by studying in tandem with the most sincere and deserving candidates. Classroom lectures aside, students, in return for a nominal fee, will also be given study material beyond which he/she will not be expected to refer anything else, also focussing on 100 model answers. Need I even mention that since all, from the planning to the final execution is in the hands of students, it is a profitless model aimed solely at creating a conducive academic environment to make the journey towards LBS easier.

Details of QIP can be sought by dropping me a mail ( or by getting in touch with my good friend Vivek (, or by calling any of the following numbers - 011-42430022, 42430033, 42430044, 9811506926

I am sure you will find many answers to problems related to Civil Services Preparation in QIP. Make sure you at least contact the afore-mentioned numbers to get a sense of this wonderful proactive step in the right direction.

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