Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rich With Life!

Clouds gather lustre
Nature comes to life
Dew emits sparkles
All in her one smile

Makes me love her more, much more
It was an ordinary day when she came to my life. However, any day there after I spent with her, was anything, but ordinary. She has occupied my mind and heart for the better part of 2012. I know there are people convincing you that 2012 the world will end. I can confidently denounce their claims as grand 'rubbish', for it is in this 'doomed' year, that I got a new lease of life. In her.

She chirps to brighten my morning. She laughs like no one's watching. She is conscious of the world around her, yet, she dares to carve another, mini world of her dreams and fantasies around her. Gentle, and naive - she easily grants entry to anyone in her world - her realm of imagination, of blooming flowers, of flowing rivers, of magic, of angels, of darkness, of good triumphing over evil, of niceness pervading all hearts, of love binding people together. It is hard to imagine - a girl, whose visions hold so much piety, how pure would be her heart?

I began this post thinking, I will write her story. That, would be one of first birthday gifts I would surprise her with. However, when I closed my eyes, to conjure her face - my muse for now - only a million descriptions swam in my head.  It is her birthday today, a day no less special to me than her, for it is today I can celebrate her, her existence, her presence in my life. Actually, I do it each day, albeit secretly. Today, the show can be opulent. And it is not her story I need to write, that privilege is entirely hers. I can only cast a subtle impression in words of the grand personality my friend is. Tiny eyed, kind hearted, scared of traffic, proud of her friends, always available to help - all these words are but insufficient capsules to contain the phenomenon Neha is (yes, Neha, that's her name) - and it will take many, many more posts for me to chronicle what time spent with her has been like.

Coolest place in Delhi, and the coolest people in town!
Right now, as my eye lids become heavy, I plan to whisper these wishes into the cold air of night, hoping they are carried as a murmur to her ears.

Dear Neha, 
I pray for your life to be rich. Not (just) with wealth, but with love. You have so much in you too give, and you deserve so much more in return. Just know, you will always get your due, and rewards will always come your way, just not from the direction you expect. Have faith in the grander plans life has for you. Make your talents speak for you. Persevere and excel. 

My God protect you from pain.
May Life be kind on you.
May the stars watch you over.

Happy Birthday!


Your pictures look lovely with me, hence only 'couple' pictures allowed!


  1. Wow!! Am sur you've swept her off her feet with that one .... happy birthday Neha

    1. All I wanted was that she has a great day. And she did! She had a great birthday! I conveyed your wishes to her :)

  2. happy birthday to your friend..!! :) seems nice bonding is there among both.:)

  3. I have read this post a billion times and iam still in short of words to describe how special i feel everytime i read this. thank you saumya for an amazing b'day( which is an euphamism)and thank you anant and nirvana for you wishes.. :) :) i love you <3 <3 <3

    1. Kitna exaggerate karti hai? Billion times!!! Kuchh bhi!

      I hope your birthdays keep getting better, but the people who make them amazing stay the same. More love!

  4. Ahh.. How did I happen to miss reading this blog ?? With due respect to the lady being talked about here (Neha, a very (belated) Happy Birthday to you), my girl just stands out apart..!!
    Saumya, a line for you... You indeed show - Words have evolved to express, not to conceal one's feeling..!!
    - Tulika

    1. Arre Tulika! You make me feel so special, and you make me miss you as well. Sigh. I wish you were still in Delhi and we could meet for some poetic discourses. I just wish.