Saturday, November 3, 2012

Quote Quintet - October

October was a hectic month. Very very hectic month. Pleasantly hectic month. Hence this post comes a little late. However, recollecting quotes is an activity I enjoy. So, I will continue with the recently begun tradition of posting here 5 of the most impactful lines I came across in the preceding month. Last month was marked with many activities and experiences. I gained professional success, and met with some personal losses too. I saw smiles shining right into my face; I saw tears falling out of tired eyes. I celebrated festivals. I mourned losses. And in the middle of all that, I managed to find some time to note down lines which I would like to remember.

Nothing extraordinary. Simple lines. Important thoughts. Here they are.

On Living
"No human being is illegal."
- Elie Wiesel
(Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize winner.)
I read this line and I stared at it. I stared at it for minutes, and found its essence to be so profound that this line refused to leave my mind. Live and let live. How difficult is it to understand? How easily individuals, agencies, authorities fall in the pit of trying to determine the kind of existence others should/should not have. Or if they should exist at all. And who better to articulate this thought that a holocaust survivor. I look at my friends from the North-East, and I look at this line. I remember the violence perpetrated in Assam, and I remember notions of peaceful, cohesive existence. Sometimes, its all just hogwash.

On Information Explosion
"It is said that from the dawn of civilization, till 2003, humanity accumulated about 5 exabytes of data; today that much is added in two days."
Sachin Pilot
(Minister of State, Independent Charge, Corporate Affairs)
Whoa. Magnitude. Explosion of data. How much can a human mind cope with, after all. In the face of it all, I have a set of friends too, who just want to feed on knowledge and never stop. Slow down people. There is no way yo make friends with knowledge which has acquired these gigantic proportions.
(Exabytes - A billion billion bytes, just so the mammoth proportions are clear.

On (Alternate) Politics
"Politics is the centrestage of the present system, the stage where system is made or unmade..someone has to accept the challenge of stepping on this stage."
Vision Document of India Against Corruption
(Released by IAC on October 2, 2012, when they launched themselves as a political outfit)
Kejriwal is attempting big. Do his endeavours hold promise? I would be an eager spectator, but a useless speculator. Should wait this one out.

On The Pickwick Fest '12
"What a wonderful festival - superb organization! Thanks for inviting me; I enjoyed all of it."
Nilanjana Roy
(Author of The Wildings. Special Guest and Judge during TPF)
This line came in a form of a text message which celebrated the efforts of each member of the Pickwick Family and boosted their confidence. By God's grace, today, the Pickwick family is close-knit unit, which just refuses to separate. May the good times stay. Always.

On Art
"Good art should not be constrained by boundaries."
Saumya Kulshreshtha
(You know her, don't you?)
It was a happy and proud moment when a quote by me made its way to a news article on The Pickwick Fest in Hindustan Times dates 13th October, 2012. Our festival was touted as one of the most looked forward to events in Delhi during mid-October. That's how we do Jamia proud! And in the above quote, I tried to explain the rational behind bringing to great authors, from different linguistic and geographical backgrounds together in our festival - Charles Dickens and Saadat Hassan Manto. Find below an image of the article.

That'll be all for October. Last two quotes are absolutely narcissistic in essence, but, okay, I do not really mind allowing the spirit of Narcissus entering my mind once in a while.

Happy November and Festive Season to All!


  1. The way you writes always compells me to be a regular reader of your blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge to us via such a positive initiative. You are a great writer. Will wait for the next month.
    Once again one Exabytes Thanks To U !

    1. What better motivation for a writer than knowing her posts are looked forward to! Thank you so much. I shall wait for your feedback on more of my writings here.

  2. hmm.. that last name seems familiar... where did I hear it ? :)
    Kudos on a job well done !

    1. Thanks Roshan! Finally, someone recognises me :P
      Always nice to hear from a fellow writer :)

  3. Engaging!!!

    Generally I don't have words to express when I read you. Awsome read Saumya.

    "Good art should not be constrained by boundaries." How true, and I know the efforts and passion which you have invested in the successful Pickwick fest. I could not make it to the fest and you know the reason.

    Keep writing...

    1. I am so happy you came and commented :)

      Yup! I had my fifteen minutes of fame with that newspaper article. And you will be with us next year, so don't be sad. We will make the name of Pickwick Fest become a standard in literary festivals across Delhi. Promise hai!

  4. Visiting your blog for the first time, found your flow of words so exquisite enough to take a pause at the rest of the world and continue reading.

    //"No human being is illegal." - Elie Wiesel//
    Really a great quote!
    Honestly, A thought which was the only think a dimwit, birdbrained, ill- read, little- updated, last bencher like me could find comprehensive...
    And thanQ for letting me know the name Elie Wiesel.

    1. Thank you for leaving your feedback. It makes me extremely glad as a writer that I could make you stop and flow with my thoughts. Please do find time to go through other stuff here, you might just like what you read :)

    2. :)

      And thank you, for having visited my forbidden island =D

    3. Oh, I would love to visit it more often.

  5. indeed saumya didi october was really hectic month for me too...was busy with my CA final exams which were started from 9th nov. & ended on 18th nov..did only studies only almost for a 16 hours per day was not active on twitter almost for one & half month i missed all the blogs in last september & october & in novmber too so it took almos 3 days to read your blogs & i gave all the feedback today...and all the blog mashalaah them...:)

    thanks a lot for your all the gesture..!!

    anant jain..!!

    1. You are too kind, and I feel extremely happy to have readers like you.

      I hope your exams went well. My prayers for a fantastic result. All the best!