Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Comfort Of Dusk

Love is not a very complicated emotion to understand. Love, however, is a very complicated emotion if one were to try to define it. Love, would acquire an even more complicated texture if a person sought to analyze it in terms of gains and losses. Love is merely a feeling, which is drawn from the depths of one's heart, and which lingers and touches and comforts and gladdens. It can lead to pain and melancholy too, but even in that pain hides an element of fondness, an element of sweetness too.

Happiness, they say, is like a butterfly, which alights on you when you are least aware. Happiness, again, they say, cannot be pursued, but can only be felt. Magicians are those people who have a contagious laughter; those who know the trick of staying happy and the deftness of waving their wand to spread the smiles in all directions. Happiness, pure and unadulterated, lies in the company of such jovial, selfless magicians.

 There was this person I met, when I was in tenth standard, who had an infectiously happy personality. Humble and sincere, his unassuming mannerisms made him a favorite with students and teachers alike. One of the people he effortlessly cast his 'happiness' spell on was me. I remember remembering him like that. He would come, linger around for a little while, say a few nice words, talk to you respectfully, ostentatiously display his modesty and leave you (me) feeling glad (thrilled) for the exchange. That person stayed around for a very little time in my school. Today, 6-7 years down the line, I can proudly say, he is one of the closest people to me on the planet. And this fact, still, gladdens my heart like the teenaged girl who had met him in school.

Life has a way of fooling around. She does this in a bid to give you the best birth to death journey. I philosophized in the beginning of this post about love and happiness. Ostensibly, the subject of this post is neither emotion, but the friend I have spoken of in the above paragraph. Journey with him has been life's way of fooling around with me, but only to give me the best adventure possible. One that I am incredibly fond of.

Growing up in two separate states, with only the resources attributable to students, how we remained friends, I have no idea. What I do know is, we not only remained friends, but kept on becoming better at what we share. What I feel for him today is nothing short of a lot of love, and care, and related things. But love for sure. In our own disparate worlds, our own trysts with this word ('love') have been very different. In the zone where our world's converge, an unspoken importance, almost invisible importance is attached with the same word, the same concept. Time with him does not exactly bear the freshness of the morning or the vibrancy of the afternoon sun. His company is more like the mustiness of the rains. Even more appropriately, his concern is like the homecoming at dusk; the sharing of a cup of coffee as the day recedes into the background.

I quote and believe - There is nothing more truly artistic than loving someone. 
Today, as the artist inside me, yet again, fails me, I resort to my blog.

 Dear friend, on your birthday, I do not know what better can I do. I can think of you. I can tell you what I am thinking right now. And I can also tell you that I always think and wish the best for you. Thanks for the smiles. Thanks for the love. Thanks, even for the tears, which make me feel alive. 
Hope this is the year which fulfills the promise which all your visions have held for you.
God Bless!


  1. Person must be very proud of the fact that someone like you became care so much for him...Happy Birthday to him :)

    Don't agree with 1st sentence though...whether you are in love with someone or something is one of the most difficult thing to decide. A lot of time people get use to each other..Other time madly in love but once separated, new things new people come in life..Old forgotten, replaced...And you wonder were you actually in love back then... Love is very confusing to concept not only to define but also to understand.

  2. AWW! Adorable this is! I could connect to this so well!! :)

  3. Deeply Touched. I could not say more.

    1. Thank you, for your continued presence on my blog.

  4. "Jovial, selfless magicians" , an excellent choice of words to describe the rather ineffable character! A Lovely Post :)

    Your opening line lingered in my head throughout the post, a heavy statement I must say. Personally i stopped trying to understand and figure it out. To quote you, its "merely a feeling", i believe all you need to do is let it happen!
    Defining love would be injustice to love itself! Don't you think so? To trap it in the confines of mere words and sentences? You could of course express but a fraction of it(in your case a pretty big fraction!) but i doubt anyone could ever contain the entirety of love in a 'definition'.

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog! I like your writing :)


    Wrong Number :P

  5. Dear Mr. Wrong Number,

    Your comment here came as such a thrilling surprise! Thanks a ton for that. What I enjoyed more than the words of appreciation were your own thoughts about love. Happy am I to say that they echo my own.

    I would love it if you kept dropping by :)

    Hope you enjoy what you read here.

  6. You surely know how to make someone feel really special, in your own sweet ways. Thanks a lot for the gesture Saumya!

    About the 'love', we will always have our own set of definitions, as it's mostly a reflection of the way we have experienced it in our own lives. I am very lucky indeed to have a formed the best bonds of love and care with you.

    If only had I read this post on my birthday, and as they say God was listening to me that day, I would have wished for a lot of love in your life. :)

    Thanks to you for the all the happiness. Do let me know about the little background for the title of the post sometime.

    Cheers to the life we've lived together!

    Correct Number.

    1. You can still wish all that love for me, you know. If you wish it for me, you would be obligated to send it my way too. And that kind of life will be blissful life for me.

      Very late, but extremely glad I am that you stopped by here. As a bonus, you left a comment. This comment will make me smile for days to come. Thanks a lot.

      Background of title, umm, you will have to have a phone date with me for that :)

  7. Lovely lovely post... a fitting tribute to friendship/love/birthday gifts :)
    We're often blessed with very few such kindred relations in this lifetime.. its important to treasure them always.

    1. Absolutely. To have such relations which I can treasure, I consider myself lucky. Super lucky.

      Thanks for dropping by Roshan! You still are one of my favorite authors :)

  8. Love needs no discipline...yet Love teaches discipline...As love means giving with no expectation...love means bonded yet free...love means feel understand share..Love needs no discipline...yet Love teaches discipline...As love means giving with no expectation...love means bonded yet free...love means feel understand share.. :)

    1. Oh dear! Some affection towards the word 'love' you have displayed there. Good good!

    2. thank you so much i can speak non stop on this love topic.. as such i am single but still i can speak many things on love... thanx once again for you reply..now looking forward to your next new blog with high desperation ...:)

  9. lucky the person who has these words written for him... :)

    And of course, beautifully written...

    And love, is well... love... and i wish you all the happiness and love in life :)

    Here is a little something I wrote... hope you'll like it...

    Love is a poetry that needs no words.

    It is the river flowing somewhere deep in the forest,
    All you can hear is the gushing water.
    It is the moon veiled in wisps of white,
    All you can see is the pure white beams in the lake.

    Love is the dew on the morning rose,
    A drop of priceless, pure joy.

    Love is a song that the nightingale hums,
    A wordless magic woven at night.

    It is the memory of a giggle from past,
    All you can see is the smile it now brings.
    It is the reason you stand by the window and wait,
    All you can see is the mist of your breath on the pane.

    It is joy, it is pain,
    Hope, disdain...
    It is beauty, this love... ah love...

    The soul of my life,
    All the hues on my canvas,
    All my smile, all the tears...

    Love, ah love.

    1. Sushruti, its beautiful! Oh my god!
      Where is your blog, and why don't you write regularly? The virtual world will welcome another great writer with open arms the moment you start posting your beautifully crafted, and deeply felt words.

      I love having a person with your sensibility leave positive feedback on my blog. Thanks!

    2. Umm... I am a little irregular with blogging... and i often resort to a pen and paper... then i don't feel like typing it out :P

      But one day, i will have a regularly updated, well cared for and hopefully liked blog !! You've inspired me to start blogging... :)

      Thank you :)

      Until then, i am going to be a regular reader !! :)