Monday, July 30, 2012

Behatareen Jawaab

I read this somewhere, long ago - Comments are to bloggers what chocolates are to chocoholics. No one could have stated it better than in this one line what an effect a simple feedback on our posts means to us bloggers. Yes, there are the kinds who 'write for themselves', to whom 'comments do not matter', yet even these people cannot help exchanging an elated smile with their computer screens the moment they see a appreciative comment, and cannot avoid a wave of despondency from taking them over when a critical comment makes its way to their blog. The crux is, all of us bloggers simply love it when we see the comment meter ticking, and I am one of those bloggers who dares to admit it in the open. Needlessly said, I hold the followers of this blog very dear. I take their opinions seriously, and do not forget to appreciate and express my gratitude to them when an opportunity presents itself. Today's post is precisely about that.

Sumit Pandey is a recent reader of my blog. Unlike most of the people with whom I interact via Nascent Emissions, Sumit is one I also happen to know personally. However, that is not the reason why I have decided to dedicate a post to him. It is because, for the first time since this blog was born, that I have become  a fan of someone's writing because of the way he posted a feedback. In the form of an exquisite piece of poetry. And because I believe that the poetry should not remain constrained to the readers of the single post which it interacts with, I would like to post it here, for each one of you to read and enjoy. If shayari is what you like, then this impromptu shayar you will seriously grow fond of.

Here is perhaps the first ever Guest Post on my blog, written without seeking permission from the Guest Author - Sumit Pandey.

Ajnabi hi tha woh, ya tha shayad kuch jaana pehchana
Alfaaz nikle jab uske to laga kuch aisey,
"...kya itna aasaan hai mujhey padh kar bataana?"
Khud pe gurur tha kabhi , par ab ankhon mein nami hai...
Uski baaton se aisa laga jaise mujhme hi koi kami hai

Keh ke bata naa saki...
Bechaini bhi chupaa na saki...
Waqt guzraa aur aakhir khatm hua ye bhi silsila,
Par shuru hui fir kashm-kash khayalon ki...
Haan...iss baat ka mujhe hai gila

Aakhir kaise koi mujhe, mujhse behtar jaanta hai?
Ya fir bas ittefaq hi tha ,
Ki jo bhi kuch anjane mein wo keh gaya...
Bas mera dil usey haqeeqat maanta hai .

Nafrat nahi kar paayi usse kabhi...
Nazar aaye to bas uski khatir ulfat ke jazbaat...
Mujhe mere hi aks se wo milaa gayaa...
Kya khub thi woh mulakaat

It all began with two cups of coffee

P.S. - These simple and beautiful words touched my heart. Once again, thanks to Sumit. Two other things -
1. This shayari was written as a reply to a post I wrote long back, called At The Edge Of Sunshine. The curious ones can hop onto that post and put the above poem better into context.
2. I too, once attempted shayari. While I was extremely nervous, few people actually liked it. If you have not had a look at it, I request you to spare two minutes more, and check out a post called - A Little Fear Is Okay.


  1. hahaha
    I rly dont get impressd by ppl so easily
    but saumya u truly are smthin different(positive ofcrse) :P

    u knoe d way u presented my plain words into a glittering blog...
    u truly are an innovator plus presenter...dats a deadly combo...I wnt dare pick a fight wid u ever :D
    keep up d gud work
    God bless u !!!

    1. Such a prompt reply! Whoa!

      You feedback deserved this. Thanks for adding an easy post to my blog. Thanks a lot more for the shining words of praise you heaped on me.

  2. I am not creative balladry man like sumit pandey, however great & austere words of this balladry are simply awesome.. And writing poems & expressing yourself via poem always make you elated.. Keep posting this awesome stuffs.. Your name should be saumchocodip now such a chockelty blog.:)

    1. He he! Chocolaty? I thought there is more of coffee on my blog :)
      Gratitude on behalf of Sumit :)

    2. Ha ha ha yeah it is... As ultimately chocklate is by product of coffee only. saumchocodip.