Monday, February 17, 2014

Post Valentine Verse

I missed out on posting anything on my blog for Valentine's, but here is what I wrote that day in my journal. A short poem, because anything long is not being permitted to me by my life as of now.

Din badalte ghadi ki tik tikein 
Tumhari dhadkano mein sun lete hain

Jab nahi mil pata tumhari aawaaz ka saath,
Kuchh aawaara kahaaniyaan si bun lete hain

Muhabbat muqammal na sahi, naazuk ehsaas toh hai
Khushnaseebi na mile, toh dard-e-dil ko chun lete hain

Aur phir, tumhare seene se lipat kar, unhi dhadkano mein
Zindagi ke bechain lamho ki dhun mein gum ho lete hain 

Image source - Twitter (@Thatsearth)


  1. Such great writing skills in both English and Hindi…you are really blessed Saumya. I am all set in Delhi now and would love to meet you. Please let me know when you have your next PACH meeting.

    1. Hi Alka!

      So lovely to hear from you. And I am so happy you finally decided to come to PACH. The venue for the next event is not decided as of now, but you can call us on 9873633403, which is the official number to procure details about our meets and other stuff.

      Alternately, you could mail us at and one of us will get back to you.

  2. Thanks Saumya. Sure, will do that.