Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Little Trip Back To JMC

When I left those extra-tidy surroundings, I was glad another chapter in life was over, and that I had survived gracefully through it. I was eager and excited to unravel the next stop-over in the long journey of life. Time spent in JMC, I knew, would always be special to me; but I was almost definite that I am not going to miss college. That is how I became of late. Eager to move on, curious to explore the next level.

That said, I have to admit, that I each time I have gotten a chance to go back to college, I have literally pounced on that opportunity, at times even with a childlike enthusiasm. A corollary to this is that each time I have not been called back to be re-associated with endeavours which I began/participated in college, I have felt a gentle stab of envy, a minor pang of hurt. Truth is, I have always looked forward to going back. In the past year, on four amazing occasions, I was called back, and how dearly I cherish all those four days.

This post is not significant for its content. It is for its nostalgia. I went back to JMC on 31st January (also my father's birthday) to be a part of Model G20 Summit, organized under the auspices of ComAcumen '13 - the Commerce Department festival. I had co-chaired a similar conference in 2011 for Commerce Department, then along with a civil service veteran, Mr. P. Venkatesh. That is one experience I hold very dear. I feel proud while remembering how friends, strangers, peers, juniors, teachers, supervisors, guests, competitors and organizers, all seamlessly blended together to create a spectacle which immediately was imprinted in each person's psyche, and remains so till date.

The 31st January conference was a little different, a little new, but had much in it which I reflect back on and smile proudly about. It had the champion debators, in the form of Nithin and Shobhit - people I have admired and learnt from. It had a demure girl representing Saudi Arabia, who by instinct wanted to stand up and talk of women's rights and education. It had Sakshi and Anmol, two dear friends who've occupied more than necessary place in my mind purely out of warmth and affection I hold towards them. It had angry, belligerent delegates, and then it had Keshav, who represented innocence and sincerity in a committee of precocious talent. As endearing aberrations, it had the delegation of Australia promoting Australian tourism, and the invisible delegation of Italy, doubling up as a make-shift pudding stall.

Like always, what my pretty organizers stand out on was hospitality. Cakes and coffee to start the day and some homemade sweets to end it, I can go on being proud of the lovely ladies who invited me to JMC, and it would still be less. Monica, Aanchal, Manavi and Rohini - four girls I have known for excellent work in the past, all living up to their reputation, and also bearing my subtle bouts of fuss. This list cannot be complete without the mention of Akshay, my charming Vice-Chair, who saw me happy, who saw me cringe, who saw me recover and who saw me agonized, and amongst it all, he took my back and helped me carry on a decently successful show. For everyone I recounted, and who slipped mention, I have the sincerest of wishes. Hope to see you all very soon, but in a different setting :)

Here are few frames from the lens of photographer Shreya. 

The Winners - Nithin (far left) and Shobhit (far right) - we did not expect anything less from them!
The Runners Up - Anmol and Sakshi - and two of my favorite people from this circuit. 
Best Delegate - Keshav - where talent and humility coexist 
Paying heed to, arguably, my favorite delegate in the committee 
Now, 5 of my favorite frames -
Been there, said that
The girl whom I want to see soaring high, for she has it in her - with Aanchal Malik

My charming Vice Chair - Akshay Purohit - in moments, he was the elder among us two. 
With Monica and Aanchal and flowers. They put faith in me, and I put it right back in them
With Rohini, Aanchal and flowers - Madam Rohini was perhaps the only one who understood the eccentricities of my working, and who loved (loves) me for it. 

Lesson - Never be apologetic for your awesomeness. 

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