Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Picture Perfect - December

I know its a little early for this post, but the above picture left me so excited, that I had to share it on my blog, as soon as I could. This was taken on a chilly Delhi afternoon in Aurobindo Market areas, where the flower vendor was still putting his shop together, and was kind enough to let two mad women get themselves clicked in the company of his beautiful flowers. The other mad woman is my friend Neha, who has been complicit in most of my crazy plans in the past few months. You will find her picture below.

There is another reason why for me to have put this picture up. A dear friend of mine, Gopan, found this picture inspirational enough to convert it into a Christmas gift for me. In a beautifully crafted mini-story, called "Memory of a Winter Morning", he has inserted this picture to add a visual glow. And, to be honest, with the story about a girl who sold flowers running in the background, I think this frame looks a lot prettier. A heartfelt thank you to him. 

To all readers of my blog, a Merry Christmas! You all deserve a special thank you for being with me on this journey upto a lakh views. I usually give you all flowers when I need to express gratitude. This time is no different. Roses, gladiola, lilies, carnations - look to my left and take your pick. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your valuable feedback. It feels nice to know that whatever I write is not for nothing, that there will be people who will read it, and also, perhaps, get back to me on it. You make me want to continue writing. Thank you all so much. 

And here is my pretty friend, with more flowers - Neha!


  1. this call WOW EFECT looking damnnn bful!!! Saumya didi

  2. this call WOW EFECT looking damnnn bful!!! Saumya didi

  3. All credits go to the picture perfect model, i may come up with a complete version of that story soon. Keep smiling and keep inspiring

  4. Keep that story reserved for the book you write. My best wishes!

  5. Congratulations Saumya for lakh views to you blog! I wish you all the best for increasing this number :) and I am sure this is just the starting.

    1. That is so sweet of you Alka! Thanks a ton for your wishes. Wish you a very Happy New Year!