Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers- to say 'thank you'

Ritually, as soon as I log on, I open my Gmail account in the first tab and then display Nascent Emissions in the immediate next tab. Its like I cannot do without seeing my blog page opulently displayed on my computer screen less than twice a day. As for more, there is no limit. Of late, one of the fetishes to have become for me a source almost unfailing alacrity is an involuntary scroll down the blog window to the Comment Box. This box has without disappointment been providing me with the most kind of words which I in no way feel worthy of. Nevertheless, since modesty is not my forte, I smile, laugh and sometimes even jump when people I least expect leave some words of appreciation which just make my day. A big, heartfelt thanks to all of you. When skepticism related to my writing begins to take seed in my head, positive feedback from all of you  simply weeds it out. It is not like a hundred comments litter after my blog posts- but whatever humble number of comments I get, I assure you, they are deeply valued. 

Very specifically, a very earnest and warm thank you to Vrinda AggarwalAavika Dhandha, Achint Mathur, Aakriti Mallik, Nikita Sailesh, Bhargav, Mayank Saroha, Shakuntala Ma'am, Dipesh Mittal, Pallak Jagga, Namit JoshiSushruti Tripathi and Snigdha Menda for always keeping my spirits up.

However, there are a few of my coy friends, who routinely leave their feedback to me in a more personal manner- through text messages or mail. I do not understand why they do it; I would much rather have them express themselves here. Anyway. Its not important. Important is that they let me know what they felt, they recognize it is important to me. And, receiving feedback is most important to me when my blog posts are dedicated to someone (they most often are), from that someone. While rummaging through the now yellowing pages of my diary, I stumbled upon this comment left for me via a personal source by someone very special. It is pasted below. I could not do without sharing it. These are the most special words someone has ever used for me. With all my heart and lots of love, I thank you.

"Life is beautiful when you know you have someone so special, who stands by you forever, come what may, whose hugs mean the world to you, who is the happiest when you are happy, who is with you in moments of pain and glory, who rests her head on your shoulder and feels protected and pampered, who makes you feel so positive just by being around, who is a true companion and a selfless lover. Life is truly beautiful when you know you are loved and cared so much- all this and more is about you Saumya. Thank you. The post mean a lot to me."

PS- Before ending this post, I cannot do without thanking, very suitably, one of my most decorous friends-cum-critics, Akshat Mittal. When he appreciates my quill, I know it has worked wonders. Thank you, for helping me stay humble. 


  1. Hey Saumya...the ame goes for me...the ritual...;) haha...lol..:P..and hey u are most welcome..for us bloggers thee comments are not comments, but heartfelt talks we have with our fellow bloggers and that is what makes this blogging world so special:):) great going always:)and thanks for the flowers;)

  2. da poetess (aakrriitii) has already said what i wished to comment, yet would add that even we as readers achieve a lot when surf your page, your compassion, your way of writing, the spirits and micro points/your views you share inspires us too, as far as i know, do take it in a positive approch so as to make life of myself and of my dear ones and near ones more beautiful...

    we are still students and wish we always be so that we can feel the very essence of humanity...

    god blesses dear saumya... hey cheers... that was really a sweet gesture...

  3. hi di :)
    thank you.... :) and.. well... thank you... i can't think of anything else that would be appropriate to say right now.... just these two words seem to convey everything...

    the flowers are lovely :)

  4. Wow! This one was simple yet sober. Filling words with emotions is your talent, I must say.
    And thank you rather, for being an inspiration & mentor.
    Lovely post.

  5. @Akriti Di
    I totally share your views. And you're a fellow blogger I am very very fond of. Writing is special, and I know it'll always remain, for both of us.

  6. @Bhargav
    Your adulation embarrasses me. I like them, needlessly said :) :) :)
    However, to truly deserve the beautiful words under which I feel burdened, I still have a long way to go. Your appreciation works as a motivation. Thank you so much.

  7. @Sushruti
    Especially picked up to match you in loveliness-the flowers. Am glad you liked them. Keep reading :)

  8. @Aavika
    You are mad! Like really. I have no idea what you see in me. But I love you :)