Monday, January 17, 2011

Musings Of An Exam Ravaged Mind- Faces

Last year, for most part, was a rigmarole. It was a story I will tell myself many a times over. On the highway to Agra, our car fled at a nauseating speed. I could not keep pace with the surroundings gushing past me. Giving up, I yet again allowed myself the luxury of drifting away into dreams- to recall to mind every single scene from 2010 that had to be included here. First, I saw my college. Then the exam hall. Then the pen in my hand which refused to budge. Then the confused, panicky, frustrated, helpless expression on my face. And finally, I saw her. She was giving me the most awesome comfortable smile from across the room. The smile was comfortable because it shared my most notable reaction to the exam paper-helplessness. She continued writing, while I let her thoughts linger longer as the exams paper was simply beyond me. I could think only this- "Pallak, you are incredible!"

I have hated Pallak for most of the past year. The reasons remain secret between us. However, I cannot deny the fact that the unthinkable miracle of surviving in an all girls' college has come true only because of her. This girl is a phenomenon- a packet of unbelievable energies. She is perfect for almost every one. The misery attached with finding faults with her is exclusively mine to savor. She may be infallible for the rest, but never can be for me. I think her greatest fault is her incapacity to realize that she is missed acutely, every single moment my eyes are deprived of her. Every morning, I await her arrival eagerly. I am almost fidgety till she comes. When she finally does, and starts off babbling on an amplified version of the most mundane thing in the world, thats when I calm down, and smile at the knowledge that college is not yet over. She is still around.
The Year 2011- I really hope she gets a boyfriend this year, so that I can intervene is time to save the poor guy from putting his own head under a guillotine!

I often lament what a thankless job being a good friend is. This lament ceases by its own when the face of this incredibly cute, and outrageously hardworking junior of mine comes to mind. Niyati. I would have been on anti depressants and in consultation with a psychiatrist to cure me of work tensions had this girl not kept of magically manifesting at the venues of all the events I did, with her consistent reliable and adorable presence, without so much as the expectation of a 'thank you' in return. Shameless me! I hence ignored the basics, and was only disturbed by grossly selfish, sporadic late night fears that she might get irritated and back off. Stupendously surprising- she never did. She worked even harder, and always gave me the respect and affection I craved for. She has a unique way of loving people and expressing that love. My days inevitably turn brighter when she lends a helping hand, or an eager ear to hear out my silly confabulations. She is selfless, giving-she is everything I aspired for but gave up. May be, she is my faith reignited.
The Year 2011- A wish for her I will whisper into her ears. This year has something really big in store for her. Am sure.

Most of my past year, like the year before, and like the year the year before has been spent away from the college in the preferred company of my male buddies. Two of them in particular worked handsomely well in helping me combat the nightmares of an all pervasive female company. These two, veritably, are my nocturnal anodynes. No matter what my state the day before; a night conversation with them almost always makes me wake up with a goofy smile on me face.

Akshat aka Mittal- His love for English language is what drew me towards him. It felt fantastic the way I could throw the most grandiloquent sentences at him without the apprehension of being met with a contempt-filled stare in return. With an insatiable urge to learn, he forced me to marvel as to how a person as learned as him could still be searching for newer bites of knowledge in every nook and cranny of the world around. As well as he learns, he can teach too. He has taught me a great many things. Not just new words, but newer dimensions to view basic things in life from. An intrinsically beautiful thing he made an exceptional effort of inculcating in me was confidence in my own self. He once called my clattered brain 'clear headed' and I believed it. I have believed it ever since. It is a good feeling. Any frictional trysts in life and both of us are on the phone seeking advice from each other. The catch is, even though we know what the other is precisely gonna say, it is always wonderful to hear it out in words, from each other.
The Year 2011- I wish his writing habits improve from where they stand, and the year 2011 witnesses the beginning of his blog, for he really write stuff which is readable and appreciable to say the least.

Namit- He is one of those wonderfully enigmatic friends of mine, who humbles me by his very presence most of the times. It was around the end of 2009 that I met him, and it took me whole of 2010 to discover and understand him. I am still trying very very hard to comprehend the arcane world he inhabits. Hi persona is one of ease and comfort. Bluntly said, I consider myself superlucky to be among the closer circle of friends of this hyper social bee, which goes on buzzing from person to person. Sometimes, it is wonderful to just listen to him speak. Yes, I complain all the time about his scant audibility, but that is only because I like to absorb every single word he utters. His subtle mannerisms are inspiring. His affectionate presence cheers me up. He cares like its the most natural thing in the world to do. He asserts where he knows its important for me to learn. He is an elder embodied in a friend- the sort I would have definitely missed the 19 years of mine life he was not around.
The Year 2011- I really wish he were inebriated more often, so that I could hear his expressions unleashed a lot more times than I actually get to. On second thoughts, giving up liquor altogether does not itself seem like a bad idea. Anyway, the first one serves my purpose better.

I had a more than wonderful life before college began. Sadly, very few elements of my precollege life still inhabit my world. One of them is Mayank- My companion for all seasons of life. He is dependable to an extent that is gets frustrating. If there is anything in this world that I need, it can't be that he does not have it. One typical characteristic of his' is his eerie clairvoyance, especially in matters related to me. Nothing I do or say goes unnoticed by him. That I am a fabulously bad actor is a fact testified by him- no matter how much I conceal, the texture of my voice almost always gives it away. Last year, every time life felt tumultuous, I sought his company. And then, over a cup of corns and a big Embassy special Samosa in CP's Inner Circle, all turmoil magically subsided. I was once again ready to laugh at insane decibels on jokes that only we both understand.
The Year 2011- As banal as it may sound, I really wish you propose to that girl. And I wish this in pursuit of pure self interest.

My life in 2010 more or less revolved around these five faces. A 'thank you' is not good enough to express anything, but I must say it still.

My post would have ended here had it not been for that fateful rendezvous on 19th December, 2010, over three glasses of cold coffee, with two of the most offensively awesome people I have ever known. In what was supposed to be my year end post, it is only apt that I remember thanking them too. There are few people you just feel lucky after meeting. These two most definitely fall in that category.

  • Arpit Goel- Although in the past two years of our acquaintanceship I have lost my temper on him a minimum two hundred times, I can never forget a very valuable lesson he taught me. It is, how to 'chill'. Yes. He is a champion at 'chilling', I mean, leading a chilled out life. Without that having been foisted on me, I would have never lived through the amount of work I load myself with. It took me time to start admiring him, but once I began, his candid talks, his humble ways and his casual demeanor only made my fondness for him grow. It keeps growing still.
  • Twishmay Shankar- "You must write a blog. I think you would be good."-it was he who said it during one of our rare gtalk conversations about two and a half years back. That was the first ever time Nascent Emissions was conceived in my mind. I thank him for it. Besides, I also thank him for offering me astounding alternative perspectives on things we all deem basic- perspectives which seemed preposterous at first, but invigorating and inviting once my humble brain grew up to them. He has a grand personality, inimitable (and a little intimidating for poor souls like me), the sort that invariably leaves an impact. He left one on me for sure.
Thank you both for making my last month eventful. Thank you all for making my life so splendid.

"And the days went by like paper in the wind. Everything changed, then changed again. It's hard to find a friend. It's hard to find a friend."

"And the days went by like paper in the wind. Everything changed, then changed again. It's hard to find a friend. It's hard to find a friend."


  1. This beautiful ode comes to my facebook wall at the same time that i have begun to write a chapter wise memoir to my best friend .Saumya it is always a joy reading your blogs . They never fail to radiate that overwhelmed feeling in the most humble way that lifts my spirits everytime i read it . I may be writing a report instead of a heartfelt book compared what you have written .

  2. Snigdha di, with the way you express yourself here, I seriously doubt if what you write lack that degree of emotions you would love to preserve your memories with. You have no idea, given the tribulations of my college life, how proud I feel to have you here, on my blog, and indulge in these conversations with you. So what if I did not mention it in the post, but you too were a beautiful part of my past year- it was in 2010 I discovered I could be good friends with you, it was in 2010 I learnt a few things (via fb chat) which I had wanted to know all along, and it was in 2010 that I started smiling at the very mention of your name.

    Thanks for everything Snigdha di, including the above comment.


  3. ..loved it :D:D though i dint see the part about my boyfriend in your notebook :p and THANK YOU SO MUCH Saumya..its an honour to have been mentioned in your blog..really..!!
    love you loads..

  4. Honor to have been mentioned in my blog? What are you writing? A politically correct speech? Huh! You have to be here Pallak. No matter how much I hate you, but you just have to be here.

    thank you sooooo much..
    Im feeling really good about myself now :p
    :D :D :D

    love you loads :)

  6. :) :) That's all this leaves me with, along with lotss of brilliant memories, and vivid images of Pallak with her froggy eyes!! :)

    I see the luck both of you share to have each other!! :)

  7. All the million smiles for you. Just keep smiling Saumya. I am touched by seeing this about me(although i had to refer a dictionary for 2-3 words,haha). I guarantee that this bond will never break throughout my life. And you know how much i respect you Saumya.
    Thank you very much Saumya, very much indeed!!

  8. @Cheistha- I dunno if you are trying to mock at the two of me by pointing out our common luck, and I feel this way cuz only a day ago you found amusement in categorizing me as her dumb comrade. But still, i like what you wrote. Thanks a ton for it. Appreciation from you always boosts my confidence. Thanks a again!

  9. @Mayank- You don't need to thank me at all!
    I wrote this about you, and trust me, words just flowed. It was so easy to write all of it, to tell the world about you. You are that amazing, really.
    I am really, really glad to have you for a friend.